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NetSuite is About to Take a Lope with New Release 2019.1

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NetSuite can bring a revolutionary change with its new release-version 2019.1. Software or Cloud-based organizations may enjoy the transformed experience of NetSuite by March or April 2019. Nothing is disclosed widely by Oracle but it is being expected that NetSuite users will experience the new visual overview, improved practices in terms of accounting, taxation, administration, order, inventory management and more.

Oracle with its new release wants to serve the more advanced approach and methodology in order to improve your working standard to grab more business in upcoming time. So, let’s have a look on few features that are being updated in the new version of NetSuite 2019.1.

Newly Added Features :

Personalized Dashboard

Depending on the core business necessities and specific business model, NetSuite’s new release is getting ready to offer more strengthened and more personalized dashboard that will improve the readability of the NetSuite users.

Enhanced User Interface

This release will enable the NetSuite users to enjoy simplified users interface in which they will be able to have visual data overview. Users can have advanced data analytics whether chart-based or graphical representation along with drag and drop features.

Improved Inventory

Now managing your inventory will be more secured. Set accounting preference to keep an eye on your inventory transactions dated outside the posting period. NetSuite users will have deeper insight on analyzing the inventory supply chain and demand. Users will also be able to effectively customize their supply chain snapshot.

Advanced Manufacturing

There will be features to generate more secured material of bills, improved resource allocation in multiple work centers, communication tab and more for flexible and smoother work operations in your manufacturing units.

Benefits Lie

  • Added functionality with drag and drop tools supporting your business operations in a timely manner
  • Easy to use and visually appealing interface to attain more engaging working environment
  • Advanced analytics and reporting features can help NetSuite users in gaining the competitive edge
  • An effective and personalized dashboard will define the specific needs and wants of the distinct NetSuite user