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NetSuite Is Becoming A Thriving Needs For Pharmaceutical Industry

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NetSuite for pharmaceutical industry enables life sciences organizations to address numerous business challenges such as radical healthcare reforms, stringent regulatory requirements, a demanding and discerning customer base, alarming global competition and unpredictable market trends. As true cloud ERP software for pharmaceutical industry, NetSuite enables organizations to quickly respond to changes in market conditions, customer requirements, and government and industry regulations. With cloud ERP solution for pharma industry by Oracle NetSuite, organizations get real-time visibility while minimizing complexity by remaining agile in the face of massive change.

Key benefits of Oracle NetSuite ERP for pharmaceutical industry

  • Faster financial statement close
  • Real-time management of spend
  • Streamlined financial consolidation
  • Helping you to reach compliance standards (HIPAA)
  • Gain 360-degree view of all operations
  • Robust internal controls and SOX compliance
  • Customizable platforms for your unique business needs
  • inventory management, tracking of project expenditures, etc

Find the right modules for your pharmaceutical business

Financial Management – Expedite daily financial transactions, accelerate financial close while ensuring compliance with real-time visibility into financial performance of your pharma business.

Budgeting Planning – Facilitate both company-wide, departmental financial planning with modeling capabilities, approval workflows and comprehensive reporting.

Inventory and Material Management –Tracking inventory in multiple locations, safety stock, re-order points, cycle counts, demand planning, and distribution requirements planning.

Sales & Marketing – Align sales and marketing activities while giving sales team unprecedented visibility into every aspect of customer relationship, including support cases and back-office information such as contracts and inventory.

You can refer the NetSuite Datasheet for more information.

How can we help you?

At inoday, we help life sciences companies in evaluation and selecting modules to optimize their business processes. With Oracle NetSuite, inoday helps in raising productivity, minimizing wastage and increasing efficiency in your enterprise.