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NetSuite – The Right Solution for Service Organizations to Scale to Next Level

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Gaining a competitive lead and exceeding customers’ expectations are probably the most complex challenges service organizations encounter. For thriving companies, buying the right solution with adaptive technologies can drive significant business transformation. Moreover, modern services companies must constantly evolve to ascertain that they provide the expertise, skills, and experience to deliver projects in time.

Why NetSuite for Service Companies?

Interestingly, NetSuite is the only integrated cloud-based business suite specifically orchestrated for service organizations. It streamlines key business processes and integrates back-end and front-end functions comprehensively to escalate a service company’s productivity and profitability.

Let’s Comprehend This Closely:

Standalone Systems NetSuite’s Integrated Cloud Solutions
1. Disconnected business operations their organizations 1. Unified solutions with flexibility, functionality, and cost-effectiveness for business growth
2. Legacy financial applications without real-time visibility capabilities into financial data anytime 2. Cloud-based applications with fast implementation and a lower total cost of ownership
3. Limited access to project accounting 3. Optimized bid-to-bill lifecycle with access from anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device
4. Challenges in sharing critical customer information 4. Unmatched visibility and control across all areas of services operations.
5. Inability to analyze pipeline projects and find the right resources 5. Improved resource utilization, high revenue per consultant, and on-time delivery

NetSuite for Service Industry caters to

  • Project-based Organizations
  • Product-based Organizations
  • Media and Publishing Organizations

By Leveraging The Core Capabilities Of Netsuite, Project–And Product-Based Organizations Can:

  • Simplify complex accounting, including billing, revenue recognition, and contract renewals.
  • Gain 360-degree visibility and enhance decision-making into key operational and financial metrics.
  • Assign the best available resource for assignment as per their skill sets and expertise.
  • Minimize potential revenue leakage via simplified reporting and tracking.
  • Compress billing cycles by mapping entries and approvals to unique business requirements.

Media And Publishing Organizations Can Make The Most Of NetSuite Solutions To:

  • Integrate sales with back-end accounting, finance, and order management processes.
  • Prompt targeted and business-oriented sales campaigns within the system.
  • Grow subscriber base by selling subscriptions to readers
  • Gain a 360-degree view of all the customers to provide improved services with advanced renewal management.
  • Track advertisement performance through fulfillment and verification.

Other Key Business Advantages of NetSuite’s Integrated Applications

  • Advanced resource management, project management, and project costing to leverage resources and offer profitable quality services.
  • Linking sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer support services to the back-end finance systems and project delivery.
  • Being a subscription model, NetSuite helps eliminate the expense of hardware maintenance and upgrade costs.
  • Latest software customizations are applied automatically and carried over with each upgrade.
  • Industry-leading customization to meet unique business requirements with SuiteCloud.
  • Improved decision-making capability and end-to-end support for the entire organization.

NetSuite Functionalities for Service Companies

An inventive standalone services automation platform that helps services businesses achieve clear visibility into the project- and product-based workloads. Right from the bid-to bill, it streamlines all the complexities and delivers greater efficiency without much hassle.  

  • NetSuite Services Resource Planning

This comprehensive, complete services management solution helps steer visibility across the forecasting, resource management, project management, and KPIs.

On a conclusive note, to gain a competitive advantage and drive substantial business growth, leveraging the core capabilities along with choosing the right partner turns to be an intelligent move. To witness streamlined operations with NetSuite for Service Organizations, we can help you execute the business vision with our years of experience and expertise.

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