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Our NetSuite Connector for Mailchimp

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We are delighted to announce our free NetSuite connector for mailchimp. You can simple send your request and our technical team will validate and install it with your NetSuite application.

You can import and schedule to synchronise all the leads and enquiry directly to NetSuite ERP. Completely hassle-free, you can manage your leads at ERP.

MailChimp NetSuite Integration

NetSuite sales team can now see what their customers, leads, prospects or suspects are buying, clicking on or opening in target marketing emails sent by the Marketing team in MailChimp. You can connect multiple NetSuite or NetSuite OneWorld instances to multiple MailChimp Accounts. NetSuite always takes higher precedence over MailChimp. Any contact changes in NetSuite will always be synced to MailChimp.

Contact and lead data is synced from MailChimp only if the email address doesn’t exist in NetSuite at the time of synchronising.

Our integration seamlessly integrates customer  & lead data from NetSuite and pushes this information into MailChimp to power data-driven digital marketing solutions.