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Online Appointment Management System for Doctors and Clinic

Medical assistants important in our day-to-day life, because we are living a hectic life with lot of mental pressure and that attracts many decease for that one have to fully aware about the specialized doctors or hospitals who can treat the decease. This is a unique appointment management system for both the users and doctors or hospitals where a user can find a doctor or hospital and the doctor or hospital will get new patient, both parties will get benefited with this unique solution.


After Login with their Accounts i.e. Sign-in with their Credentials user will access the following categories such as:

  • User can sign-up as a Patient or Provider
  • Email verification to complete the signup process
  • Provider will be any Individual or Company
  • User Profile (Patient or Provider)

Patient can create their Health History

Online Doctor Appointment System

Medical Conditions

Online Doctor Appointment System


Online Doctor Appointment System


Online Doctor Appointment System

Past Surgical Procedures

Online Doctor Appointment System

Family History

Doctor or Company can also create their Full Profile

  • Current Company (Logo)
  • Location
  • Hours of Operation
  • Experience
  • Organizations
  • Skills and Expertise
  • Activities and Societies
  • Courses
  • Other Providers within Company by specialty
  • Accepted Insurance Plans
  • Services
  • Staff
  • Languages
  • Honors Awards
  • Education
  • Patents
  • Projects
  • Certifications

Proprietary Search Engine

  • Aesthetic
  • Search Entry Filter Tabs
  • Insurance Status Free text and Drop down Menu
  • Main Search bar criteria
  • Search Results Filter

Appointment Module

The user will request for an appointment in this module

  • Uses will see resulting provider’s live schedule availability and books an appointment slot
  • Text box: A text box is provided to type “why would you like to schedule this appointment”
  • What your availability like? What day of week or time of day would you prefer?
  • Select the insurance: at the time of requesting appointment the user will select the insurance from the down list.
  • Walk-in work flow slot
  • A dedicated slot
  • Attach: An option to attach the file.
  • When would like to schedule this appointment: As soon as possible, This week or next, This month
  • What’s your phone number? In this portion the user will enter their phone number.
  • Request an appointment: Click this button to submit the request for an appointment.
  • Health History

    Health History

  • Patient Profile

    User Profile

  • Email Verification

    Email Verification

  • Doctor's Appointment

    Appointment Module