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Reach your customers with NetSuite SuiteCommerce: SEO & Promotion features

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Considering the boon of online shopping, most retailers are shifting their retail stores to retail e-stores. Creating a strong website, with convenient and interactive interface, consisting all the essential features is the first step to count. But without its powerful marketing, it is all in vain. To approach the prospective customers, e-commerce website must be optimized for search engines. With the profound SEO strategy, you can rightly promote your retail directly intent the customers.
What if you get a software which not only manages your business but also helps in drawing customers and thus revenue as well? To end the struggles, here comes NetSuite SuiteCommerce ERP software which brings traffic in your site and maintains healthy relationship with your existing customers.
The ecommerce ERP has the In-built online marketing functionality which aspires customers to complete their shopping, keeping an eye on their e-carts. Instant promotions through different sources and targeting specific kind of groups to increase profits comes under its marketing strategy.This software is hugely capable to boost your retail online business increasing its reach and visibility to the customers. Some of the powerful promotional strategies to increase the sale are listed below:

High Search Engine Rankings: SEO

Obtaining high search engine rankings lets your relevant customers reach you. Correct use of customizable titles, meta tags, image-alt tags while creating web pages helps you in increased SE (Search Engine) rankings. This e-commerce ERP software sets the URLs’ short and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly for the static HTML and dynamic web pages of the site. This strategy works in big time. With the help of Permanent (301) feature, NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced saves your rankings.

Targeting Individual Customer:

This NetSuite softwareassesses the customers individually analyzing their shopping behavior includingtheir likings, purchasing time and purchasing frequency. The database has all the statistics with it to create personalized promotions. Through emails or messages service, software sends shopping coupons to certain customers to entice them for purchasing and increase sale.

Suggesting relevant items to Customers:

In-built report query tool of SuiteCommerce Advanced monitors the past purchases and relevant activities of the customers and with the help of that it figures out their liking and interests. Based on statistics, potential relevant or similar suggestions can be shown to the customers through different modes.

With the varying scenario of SEO, the e-commerce ERP keeps you updated with the advanced features and positions you top in the game. We at inoday, are continuously contributing in the growth of different domain-businesses. Providing suitable ERP solutions and professional services, we increase sales and performance of industries. Avail these services from us to resolve all your business queries.