Our IT Strategy Advisory team focuses on the ways to extract greater value out of the IT investment and developing IT to meet the future business trends.

Our Service Portfolio :

IT Strategy

Help clients in developing the vision statement and set the direction for leveraging IT in business planning and innovation efforts, and helps to develop strategic IT architectures and road maps that are aligned to business vision and needs.

IT Transformation

Focuses on the application of IT to transform client value propositions, organizations, operations, and financial results. Creating enterprise architectures that align business processes and strategies with the right technology solutions. Analysis of new and existing applications and decision making to achieve a rational portfolio and effective management practices Help clients leap forward to enhanced IT landscapes by inclusion of emerging technologies like business analytics, cloud computing, mobility enablement’s, big data, digital strategy, social media & computing, collaboration technologies etc.

IT Sourcing

Develops overall IT and business-process sourcing/procurement strategies for successfully partnering with IT vendors to achieve targeted outcomes and help clients select, make agreements with, and effectively manage outsourcing and offshore units. Develop Business Case for mission critical systems investments and initiative prioritization based on ROI

IT Organization

Assists clients with definition of roles and missions of the IT organization, the design of more effective organization structures, establishment of IT governance mechanisms and risk avoidance frameworks.

IT Performance

Validating the business impact of IT. Delineate IT performance objectives and metrics to improve IT efficiency and effectiveness and achieve lasting advantage. Relook in IT costs and defining an IT Consolidation strategies that improves efficiency to eliminate business redundancies, consolidate technologies, virtualization and renegotiate contracts.

IT service management

Define & Improve operating processes, policies and management and align them with business strategies, operations, and leading management approaches. Structuring IT support mechanism and enable business growth in line with the overall organization’s business strategy.

We have leveraged its expertise, proven methodologies and specialized resource teams to add value to its client businesses.