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Simplifying Order and Quote with Business Central Elevates Sales Growth Trajectory

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Business enterprises that offer creating a sales quote for Assemble-to-Order options for customers can make the most of Business Central to expedite order fulfillment and reduce costs like a bolt from the blue. You can customize an assembly item to your customer’s request and create a sales quote before converting it into an order.

Here, by leveraging the core capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Product Configurator, as an administrator, you can:

  • Come across an automatic generation of Assembly or Production Bill of Materials
  • Save users’ valuable time while quoting or customizing items
  • Minimize manual entry and inconsistency caused by it
  • Improve operational efficiency and accuracy in sales quotes and orders

For instance,

Let’s pick up a production unit where ‘office furniture’ is manufactured. In this case, an office desk will undergo customization including finishes, doors, shelves, trim, and paint. Here, your Business Central Product Configurator will comprehend the specific number of shelves needed and include it on the sales order or quote according to the desk’s length automatically.

This is a particular case where Bill of Materials and Routing are created and labor elements are added as per the configured items’ requirement. Moreover, ‘pricing of the options’ and a ‘Total’ are automatically added, which users can view to ensure an adequate margin.

You Can Configure Bulk Orders with D365 Business Central

Businesses dealing with bulk orders that consist of many different options and specifications can have an easy-to-use, utilitarian bulk configuration editor to meet such unique requirements.

Product Configurator application works within Business Central using a single, unified interface. And, you can bid farewell to endless searching for part numbers, errors and witness a streamlined ordering process within a stipulated time if experience and expertise pave the path.

To execute on your business vision by integrating components in simple processes and optimize assembly time, you can connect with inoday 24 x7 and learn about Business Central functionality closely towards creating a successful production.

inoday is always committed to progress and innovation.

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