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Strategize Workforce Retention during COVID-19 with NetSuite Talent Management

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Rich workforce and organizational performance are interrelated. Firms that effectively manage their talented resources and retain them are likely to outperform competitors. However, such an operation has always been a tricky business and the COVID-19 pandemic has raised the complication even more.

Businesses, which need to develop and enforce virus-fighting protocols, roll out new technologies, and establish new ways of doing business can make the most of NetSuite Talent Management.

Highlighting Features

Employee Health Status

This is one of the most crucial steps and sensitive parts. Businesses must collect employee health data in an organized manner to improve its security and accuracy. Here, the NetSuite HRMS solution can help you create forms with relevant fields to gather health information from your employees and workflows to send reminders as well.

Communication and Transparency

By leveraging the core capabilities of the NetSuite HRMS solution, you can connect to your employees and help them collaborate with their peers with the least hassle. Employees at every level can have the information they want. You can create a resource page for COVID-19 measures, employee engagement tips, survey templates, and stress reduction methods as well.

Flexibility of Operations

The most important thing during this pandemic era has been the flexibility of doing business than ever. With NetSuite Talent Management, you can help your employees have flexible working hours to manage their work-life balance much differently. It can help you be the choicest of employers as many of your employees might find now easy to manage children (if any), head home early, and take care of other new responsibilities that the pandemic has brought to them.

Integration and Introduction of Employees

While managing your workforce with NetSuite during COVID-19, you can have your older and newer workforce spend more time together via interactive sessions, right from their place. It’s always a good idea to encourage teamwork and trust. NetSuite can help you initiate proactive introductions and establish connections between the employees and with the entire organization—all through an integrated platform.  

Employees Engagement

With NetSuite Talent Management, you can easily identify and render the right tools to the right resource for boosting job satisfaction. Business leaders, who want to make the most of their productive workforce, ensure that their employees feel comfortable working at home, have their space, and everything on board to enjoy their job. When your workforce feels engaged at work, chances are high that they stay self-motivated and deliver you the desired outcomes.

To sum up, with NetSuite Talent Management, you can:

  • Keep your workforce engaged without feeling a burden
  • Recognize and appreciate your employees’ work
  • Help your workforce to stay connected and collaborated 
  • Make essential human resource functions easy and quick

Undoubtedly, the NetSuite HRMS solution or Talent Management module can help you have your workforce engaged and motivated, a solution provider partner would help you explore the application to do relatively more with employee management, their retention, and the overall organization’s performance.

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