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Tackling Business Complexities amid World Events with NetSuite Marketing Automation

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As the business world acclimates to COVID-19, many enterprises have undergone unavoidable changes. This pandemic has certainly changed the way the sales and marketing of products and services for long, maybe forever. Hence, thriving businesses or service companies are adapting to cloud solutions to keep pace and take the competitive lead under the aegis of technology enhancement.


NetSuite Marketing Automation renders an exclusive framework for booming businesses to target, create, execute, and anticipate the success of marketing measures, prospects’ activity, and generate highly qualified leads to meet pre-defined criteria.

This sales and marketing transition has already begun because the millennial population is insisting on cloud interactions as COVID-19 has brought significant unrest to conventional business practices. Before you make a move with this extensive software solution, sneak a peek into its key capabilities to ensure a judicious investment.


  • Multi-channel Campaign Management— You can witness the streamlined execution of omnichannel marketing campaigns across websites, emails, events, and social media platforms.
  • Sales Collaboration— With NetSuite Marketing Automation Software Solution, you can align marketing and sales goals to increase collaboration as it helps convert leads into customers quickly.
  • Sales Cycle— Service Businesses can deliver highly relevant content to prospects at the right time and guide them through the buying or project accounting lifecycle efficiently.
  • Real-Time Visibility— Administrators can avail of key business insights into campaign performance, ROI with analytics, and make the most of it to lead the competitive way.

Oracle NetSuite offers different strategies and different tactics that fit into the business and budget, to stimulate demand. Although there’s a lot in this basket to make a profit of, the unsettling nature of doing business at this particular moment demands prioritizing sales and marketing transitions.

The Millennial Impact

This worldwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has hit people’s comfort to carry out business activities and businesses need to keep people working and let their people feel safe with their work as well.

In this increasingly online world, established sales and marketing strategies need certain modifications and upgrade. Here, with NetSuite Cloud ERP and its Marketing Automation, one can improve the approach, strategize better, and execute efficiently.

  • It enables marketers to get much more granular about the markets they’re going after.
  • It helps establish active engagement with customers through online channels and building relationships to generate future sales.
  • You can create targeted marketing campaigns and manage all such campaigns via an integrated platform to anticipate performance and trends simultaneously.

Embracing the Digital Era

This evolution helps enhance the effectiveness of marketing, embrace the changing business world scenarios, and build a clientele to steer business growth. For the most part, cloud capabilities are the sole bearer of safe business activities, particularly sales and marketing amid such chaos and helps maintain business continuity as well.

Undoubtedly, a robust cloud computing solution would streamline your sales and marketing operations, a solution provider partner would assist you in executing your business vision and steer unmatched scalability.

Serving in the cloud computing sphere for more than a decade, inoday has won accolades for its exemplary services that help enterprises entail unmatched scalability. We believe in rendering uncompromised solutions to do away with operational bottlenecks and have served our clientele even amid the hardships of this COVID-19 pandemic for two consecutive years extensively and efficiently.

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