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Top IOT Trends That Will Drive Innovation in 2019

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Internet of Things (IoT) is shaping technology as well as business. IoT is, in fact, a technology niche on which billion-dollar enterprises are building their future. IoT has been involved in the transfer of data to and from cloud-connected sensors, further enabling organizations to perform analytics on that data. As per the recently published report, the number of connected things will reach 14.2 billion in 2019 and 25 billion by 2021. Given below are some of the IOT trends that will drive innovation in 2019.

From Cloud to Edge Computing:- IoT enables local data processing and AI capabilities in the devices to reduce data transfers volumes and cloud dependencies. This will provide more flexibility and agility to businesses. Edge computing enables organizations to analyze complex data chunks in real time (manufacturing, public security, transportation, logistics), optimizing business applications and cloud-based systems.

From Smart Homes to Smart Enterprises:- IoT powered voice-enabled assistants will enable organizations to track processes remotely while allowing seamless communication for both teams and physical assets. Cities will include IoT services as smart city initiatives. For instance, IoT Data will connect traffic lights to customer relationship management (CRM) platform in order to alert utility companies if the traffic lights go out. This will seamlessly boost efficiency and service quality.

Automotive Business Models Will Shift:- Automotive industry will seamlessly adopt IoT technologies, enabling vehicles to seamlessly gather and monitor data and communicate with smart city services. IoT enabled technologies will be used to update owners with preventative and predictive maintenance alerts helping them to address issues before they arise. Furthermore, IoT will also be used to enhance security, surveillance, and safety.

IoT Will Play a Bigger Role in Helpdesk and CRM:- IoT will automate customer service while streamlines sales efforts through customer relationship management (CRM) software. In the most common use-case, IoT device will notify companies after sensing that customers are having problems. With IoT data being fed into the company’s CRM software, enabling improvement in sales.

IoT Will Enable Big Players To Dominate:- It is predicted that there would be intense competition among industry giants such as Microsoft, Apple, and Google. They will acquire a large portion of the market and will continue to increase their footprint organizations flock to them for the promise of simplification at scale.

Organizations such as Microsoft will power up their applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 with machine learning and AI capabilities to boost organizational efficiency. While companies like Google will work to revolutionaries automotive industries with the integration of apps like Google Maps, Play Store and Google Assistant into vehicle infotainment systems. Similarly, Apple CarPlay will be offered as a feature in a number of cars.