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Visualize Data More Closely by Extending Reports in Business Central

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Organizations of all sizes are required to visualize, inspect, and print data in an appropriate layout. Dynamics 365 Business Central is extensively orchestrated business operations software to serve these purposes with its inventive reports.


Dynamics 365 Business Central allows businesses to use reports to display or summarize information, and print, such as invoices. Also, it enables you to create a report listing all the customers and their orders in a single instance. Moreover, with reports, you can process data without displaying it.


Business Central 2021 Release Wave 1 comes with support for report extensions. Some of its highlighting features are mentioned as:

  • In Business Central, a Microsoft cloud ERP, you add new objects or modifications in a controlled manner through extensions to the base product. However, direct customization is yet to be added.
  • You can make the most of the extensions to deploy, maintain, and upgrade the software without much hassle.
  • You can now extend document-type reports, visual reports, and processing reports. It helps eliminate the pain point of copying and branching a report requiring modification until and unless it is extended.
  • Business administrators can add multiple solutions to the same base report dataset.

Report Customization

With the introduction of report extensions, Business Central renders two ways to customize reports:

  • You can use the event-based substitution of a report. It is convenient for taking over reports without modifying any actions in the user interface.
  • You can use the new report extension for making additive changes and that too, without a hitch.

New Report Extension AL object

The new Report extensions in D365 Business Central, a SaaS solution by Microsoft are based on a new object type in AL. This programming language is used for manipulating data, including retrieving, inserting, and modifying records. Also, it assists in controlling the execution of the various application objects, including pages, reports, or code units.

Using this object type, you can extend an existing report in several different ways, such as:

  • New columns to existing data items
  • New nested data items.
  • Columns for fields in a source table, a table extension, related tables, variables, procedures, or expressions.
  • A new RDLC layout or Word layout.
  • Add or modify the request page.

Note*Dynamics 365 Business Central extends no support for extending or modifying an existing layout. You can find it in the next service update.

In the upcoming update, you can find support for adding support for labels, modifying existing data items, including adding to request fields, calc fields, or triggers.

Pick Layouts from Report Extensions

On deploying an extension to a customer environment, either as an AppSource app or as PTE, any report layouts become available. However, for applying a report extension layout to a specific report, you would be required to add installation and upgrade code.

Also, you can select a layout from a report extension on the Report Layout Selection page. It lists all available layouts for a given report.

To remain competitive, relevant, and provide digital transformation strategies to customers, embarking on a modernization journey is indispensable. And, Business Central Extending Reports capabilities are inventively designed to revamp the approach to analyze trends and visualize important data. An update of this enhancement will be shared in the coming letters.

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