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What Does It Take To Make Your Android App Development A Success?

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You may have a mobile phone or a tablet; its functionality depends on the operating system it is built upon. Android operating system is rising high among all other operating systems in the industry. However, the official language for developing Android is Java, it is possible to develop C and C++ apps using Android SDK (software development kit). Open-source and Linux-based operating system, Android is used for smartphones and tablets. From general features like web-browser, voice-based browser, multitasking, multiple language support; connectivity; media support to external storage, all features make android what it is. Apart from this, there are many advance concepts related to Android application development and Java programming language that make it interesting to learn Android app development.

Android Features Make It The Most Wanted Mobile App Development Platform

As it is an open-source platform, it offers larger developer and community reach, wide marketing, rich development environment, inter-app integration, reduced development cost and higher success ratio. Below are some features that makes it the largest used platform for mobile app development.

  • Offers interesting and beautiful UI (user interface).

  • Wide connectivity options with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, CDMA, WiMAX, etc.

  • Excellent storage database.

  • Multiple media support.

  • Messaging helps with SMS and MMS.

  • Flawless web browsing.

  • Android has the multi-touch feature that was not present in mobile phones until a long period.

  • Resizable widgets help users with their choice to see more content or shrink them to a smaller size to save screen space.

  • Multi-language feature supports single direction as well as bi-directional text.

  • Wi-Fi direct enables apps to directly discover and pair over a high-bandwidth connection.

Above listed attributes come with more advancements that further lets the mobile apps bloom. For a while Android app developers in India have found a huge acknowledgement among global level professionals. inoday has a team of Android app development geniuses, who have great excellence in their core that is visible through their successful project completion. These experts are proficient in story board creation, coding and testing along with cross-platform development for which they are called as Best app developers in India. Being a trusted and acknowledged Android app development company in India, we also offer flexible services as you can choose to hire on a fixed budget, full-time or hourly basis. Understanding your requirements, our experts help you in choosing between Native development and cross platform SDK by sharing the pros and cons.