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What Manufacturers Can Expect From NetSuite Release 2019.1

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With the announcement of NetSuite about its new release 2019.1, there will be more compelling feature upgrades for the manufacturing industry. While making upgrades in the new version, NetSuite has also taken care of Manufacturing ERP Solutions.

There is no doubt about how manufacturers around the world are leveraging the benefits of NetSuite and utilizing the same to gain increased productivity.

While understanding the need of modern manufacturing units and the practices take place, several functionalities are added for manufacturing ERP solutions. Now, let’s have a glimpse on such feature upgrades:

Advanced Bills Of Material

NetSuite- a manufacturing industry software included the advanced BOM feature that enables to make more secure and reliable transactions whereby you can now edit legacy bills of materials.

Better Representation Of Resource Allocation

NetSuite’s new release enables you to enter decimal amounts to better represent resource allocation to multiple work centers, which in turn to define costs and work centers more accurately.

Increased visibility

With new upgrades, NetSuite manufacturing software will enable you to enjoy the improved access into manufacturing analytics by using the buildable quantity field in saved searches.

Improved communication

With the addition of communication tab in NetSuite 2019.1, manufacturers can perform more improved communication among the departments along with they can create daily activity reminders.

Accelerated Data Flow

NetSuite release 2019.1 will help you to improve and trigger your data flow with the use of CSV reports. Such CSV reports will enable customers to update bills of material.

Advanced Manufacturing

With this feature, customer-related issues can be fixed. Now, manufacturers will have the capability to identify units of measure as well as to execute conventional work.

Apart from above-mentioned functionalities, numerous features will take place in NetSuite for manufacturing industry whereby Oracle NetSuite is going to revolutionize the work infrastructure of manufacturers to increase productivity with saved time and increased ROI.