Five ways your business can benefit from Microsoft Dynamics AX!

By housing all of your core processes and data under one roof, Dynamics AX makes it easy to standardize operations, provide visibility, and simplify compliance. Its core ERP capabilities include financial management, human capital management, business intelligence, production, supply chain management, procurement and sourcing, project management and accounting, sales and marketing, and service management. Combined with Microsoft analytics tools and Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX provides business insights that allow you to monitor the pulse of your business and proactively react to changes.
Our Area of Microsoft Dynamics AX Services - We offer comprehensive Dynamics AX services to deliver business management solutions to help you evolve in the marketplace.
  • Dynamics AX for Retail.
  • Dynamics AX for Wholesale.
  • Dynamics AX for E-Commerce.
  • Dynamics AX for Healthcare.
  • Dynamics AX for IT Industry.
  • Dynamics AX for Manufacturing (Inhouse and Offshore process)