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Why sales and marketing alignment is critical to organizational success

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With the market getting competitive day-by-day, the expectations of the customers are also growing. To be successful, sales and marketing teams need to focus on strategies and actions that fix buyers’ problems. These teams should focus on how they can improve customer experience across different channels. Having siloed operations of sales and marketing teams will take away the advantage from your end. In fact, unified or centralized database with access to both sales and marketing teams enable them to excellently serve the customers.

There are several benefits associated with sales and marketing alignment.

Avoid Misunderstanding Between The Teams

The alignment of sales and marketing teams is very important. Misalignment results in creating internal tension between your sales and marketing personnel which can prove extremely costly at times. The most probable use case is when you hear complaints from sales representatives about the quality of sales-ready leads while marketing teams accuse sales of a lack of follow up with the leads presented. In such a scenario, at the end of the day, you will be on the loser side. With advanced CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, all your data will be placed on a centralized database. This will help in minimizing misunderstandings that can lead to wasted resources.

Eliminate Segmented, Confusing, or Frustrating Customer Journey

The biggest disadvantage of misalignment of sales and marketing is that they both handle prospects in their own ways. This is utterly a waste on efforts as it can create confusion for an interested consumer. By aligning sales and marketing with a centralized database, you are actually minimizing confusion. Furthermore, you also enable marketers to send personalized messages to the prospects based on the original requirements.

More Connected & Personalized Communication

Today’s consumer expects more and across different channels. Consumers want to be more connected. They have the ability to find more information and do more self-discovery quickly. They want information to be available at the website, live chat, social media, mobile, etc. By unifying data, you empower your sales and marketing teams to cater to your clients across multiple channels. With accessibility to data in real-time, your sales and marketing representatives can easily make informed decisions.

Collaboration Results in Effective Lead Hand-Offs

Your salespersons should be closing leads while your marketing teams should be funneling prospects. Moreover, sales representatives should be spending their time and resources on the leads that are most likely to purchase. Sales and marketing alignment ensures effective collaboration. This will ensure that sales representatives spend their valuable time on prospects that are willing and able to buy. In case, if the leads are not ready to buy then leads should be sent back to marketing for further nurturing.

It’s time for you to align your sales and marketing team with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.