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Why Wholesale Distributors Need A Completely Connected ERP?

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As the organization grows and its supply chain extends globally with bigger audiences, better vendors and valuable untapped markets, it requires a smart solution that can manage core business areas. All these things have made ERP a necessity for wholesale distribution businesses. For wholesale distribution industry, comprehensive view of stock including quantities in, numbers out, surplus, and deficiency is mandatory in order to manage operations. A reliable ERP solution for wholesale and distributors can simplify the processes while optimizing the key factors. Some of the key benefits of connected ERP for distributors are listed below.

360-Degree Purchase Optimization

On time processing of orders is the key to success for distributors. Most of the distributors find it difficult to manage inventory and purchasing of stock. A reliable ERP solution offers a 360-degree view of the purchase cycle while bringing multiple advantages for a company such as improved customer service, time-savings, and lower administrative/ accounting costs.

Well Defined Logistics Management

Some of the major challenges that complicate the whole distribution process include improper machinery allocation, changeable demand cycle, shorter delivery time, low-price competition, and high fuel costs. ERP Software having well-defined logistics management provides comprehensive visibility across shipments, orders, and inventories, providing you better control of the asset.

Effective Order Fulfillment

The two most important fulfillment functions in the distribution operation include picking and packing. This process includes shipment and repacking of goods and also delivery to the relevant destination. ERP solutions with advanced capabilities enable you for efficient order fulfillment.

Robust Inventory Tracking

ERP solutions with effective inventory tracking system provide better control and flexibility to adjust corrections while eliminating inaccurate paperwork. All this will boost organizational efficiency by on-time fulfillment of customer demand, lesser lost sales, and reduce inventory holding costs.

Integrated CRM, HCM and Accounting Management Tools

Most of the ERP suite includes integrated management tools like customer relationship, human resource, and financial or accounting. These ERP solutions offer complete visibility to back-office functions, increase employee engagement, and manage customer service more efficiently.

Automate Processes

ERP brings process automation while helping in reducing manual and spreadsheet-based processes by up to 70% to bring more organizational efficiency. ERP, further, provides real-time visibility across the business to make more informed decisions.