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Workflow in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is supporting many features in Enterprise Functionality for Small to Mid Sized Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing companies. Workflow is one of the most significant for approval, notification and process automation.

Workflow enables you to design and execute business processes within the application system. For example, users can be automatically notified if shipment is delayed, whether a customer has exceeded his payment terms, or it can be used as a standard templates for importing updated Foreign exchange rates, OCR imports, etc.

Approval– a work task, item, or document remains in a blocked or unapproved state until approved by a suitable person in your organization.

Notification– notifications tell users that something has happened and/or that they need to take some kind of action.

Process Automation– involves executing a process routine and making the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system calculate something or perform an action.

You can build your own workflow in Dynamics NAV:

Create a workflow event – define an event and expose that event as a workflow event. This can be done in the C/AL Object Designer and typically performed by C/AL developers.

Create a workflow response– define a response to the event. This can be done in the C/AL Object Designer and typically performed by C/AL developers.

Enable the workflow in Microsoft Dynamics NAV– bind the workflow event and response together and then enable the workflow. This task is typically performed by super users.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 includes 20 out-of-the-box workflows. These are delivered as workflow templates to apply as your business requirement. For example, in case of Purchase Invoice Workflow (PIW), the purchase invoice process typically involves registering the purchase, posting the document to create ledger entries, and generating a payment instruction. Using the PIW, the posting and the payment lines are generated automatically when the purchase invoice is released, saving time and reducing errors.

With workflows in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, companies can become more efficient and streamline their business processes through automation.