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Working with Records in SuiteScript 2.0

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The most fundamental concept to master in SuiteScript is working with NetSuite’s Record objects. Records are the interface of the NetSuite database. With SuiteScript 2.0, we use the N/record Module and N/currentRecord Module to script with records.

Load the record module to work with NetSuite records. You can use this module to create, delete, copy, load, or make changes to a record.

The Record Modules (2.0) allows us to manipulate record objects within the NetSuite. It encapsulates a large number of record manipulation functions and objects from SuiteScript 1.0:










I just want to highlight some of them here to understand the fundamental behind this.

Suitescript 1.0 Function/Object Suitescript 2.0 Equivalent Return Type
nlapiLoadRecord r.load (options) r.Record
nlapiCreateRecord r.create (options) r.Record
nlobjRecord.getFieldValue r.Record.getValue Same field type
nlobjRecord.setFieldValue r.Record.setValue Void
nlapiDeleteRecord r.delete (options) Number
nlapiSubmitRecord r.Record.save (options) Number
nlobjRecord r.Record NA

Note:The nlobjRecord Object type has also been translated to the Record Object type within the N/record module, and it contains similar get and set methods to its 1.0 counterpart.

2.0 functions accept a single Object parameter, which is typically named options in the Help documentation.

Load and create both return instances of r.Record, and the save method lives on the Record instance

In client scripts:

  • Use N/currentRecord Module methods to interact with the record that is active in the current client-side context.
  • Use the N/record Module to load and interact with remote records.

N/record Example

define([“N/record”], function (r) { … });

Entirely based on the concept of ‘modules’, SuiteScript 2.0 renders the capability to structure and organize code into small, meaningful individual units that one can combine together to form more powerful applications. Furthermore, connecting with an acclaimed service provider partner like inoday.us enables a business organization perform faster with this enhanced version.

Will continue to write more on the next article, where we will describe this in more detail.

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