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  • Aiming towards alignment of resources, operations, and technology initiatives to strategy and vision is the core of global business transformation. Irrespective of the industry, organizations require digital transformation to hold persistence in the evolving Dynamics World.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the new generation of intelligent all over business applications in the cloud to assist global business enterprises to make productive decisions, create purposeful engagement, and optimize workflow management. Clubbed with ERP, CRM, and HCM capabilities embedded with Power BI, it is a unified cloud-based solution and offers extensive services to transform the business as and when required.

    Before the introduction of Dynamics 365, Microsoft assisted businesses with Dynamics AX, NAV, and CRM independently operating applications, which can be embedded to do the needful. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete cloud-based solution, which assists organizations to deploy process-specific modules, steer digital transformation, and complement their future perspectives

    Core Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 To Steer Global Business Transformation

    SaaS Capability

    The most and exclusive feature of its availability on cloud is the escalator to take the business on the pinnacle. Unlike installed applications, administrators can access applications through a web browser. Rendering hosting on Azure servers, businesses can bid farewell to the impediments of data storage. It provides a license to the users, whereas, secures the right to use it through subscription-based pricing. The SaaS capability facilitates business operators with flexible and mobile accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an innovative, intuitive single, cloud-based solution to automate business operations most efficiently.

    Master Data Management

    Organizations with complex business operations can headway growth and global expansion with Master Data Management capability of Microsoft Dynamics 365. An array of extensive services facilitates enterprises with visibility and complete transparency in their processes for improved, strategic planning to meet the global regulatory compliances. Businesses can procure efficient management solutions for diverse financial standards to optimize management.

    Industry-specific Processes

    With this core functionality, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers industry-specific solutions for sales and marketing, finance, retail, wholesale, customer services, manufacturing, field services, supply chain, project service automation, warehouse management, inventory management, transportation and distribution, professional service, and public sector. Competing in the dynamics world, enterprises can pick specific solutions as per the requirement of their business operations. It assists in avoiding the superfluous outlay on additional packs, which earlier left no option with administrators rather than paying for the complete package unnecessarily. The inception of Microsoft Dynamics 365 proffered alternatives as well as choices to the businesses to opt for the apposite and industry-specific solution.

    Monthly Subscription

    With Software as a Service capability, professionals are facilitated with auto-update and auto-fix as long as the subscription remains active. This evades the purchasing of the new version to get an updated one as it was obligatory with Dynamics NAV. The global business organizations will find it cost-effective with its monthly subscription, rendering extensive services as per the number of users.

    AI and BI Capabilities

    Embedded with built-in business intelligence and artificial intelligence capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is highly capable of managing massive data volume without deteriorating performance. Rendering advanced reporting tools, business insights, and analytics, integrated with Cortana intelligence, Power BI and Azure machine learning assist businesses to increase profitability, reduce risks, and simplify even the most complex business operations.

    Highly Customizable

    Upkeeping the business with challenging dimensions of dynamics world can go easiest with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It offers complete as well as operation-specific solutions to the businesses for convenient execution of the process. Offering flexibility with the features and customizable capabilities, administrators can fulfill their specific requirements with the aptest solution and that too, within a stipulated time

    Undoubtedly, previous solutions have rendered quality services to their users, Microsoft Dynamics 365 proffers upgraded flexibility with minimized implementation cost best fitted with the organization’s budget. Businesses with all sizes can deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 for seamlessly integrated SaaS applications, increased productivity and effectiveness of the processes and procurement of noteworthy strata in the dynamics world.

  • Dynamics 365 Finance enables you to monitor your business performance in real time, while making data-driven decisions to drive business growth. Dynamics 365 Finance delivers better financial control while enabling you to make strategic decisions based on real-time, unified global financial reporting, embedded analytics, and predictive insights. With core capabilities across process automation, budget control, and financial planning and analysis, D365 Finance helps organizations to optimize spending across business geographies while minimizing costs.

    Automate your Financial Process

    • With role-based workspaces, Dynamics 365 Finance enables smarter, faster actions and decision
    • Gain high-level view of key business metrics with embedded Power BI visualization dashboards
    • Monitor the health of your business by drilling down into the transactions
    • Save time, reduce errors, and do more with familiar integrated tools and applications

    Decrease global financial complexity and risk

    • With out-of-the-box support for 42 languages, Dynamics 365 Finance helps you to address local and global business requirements.
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance improves governance; reduce risks, while ensuring compliance across 37 countries
    • Dynamics 365 Finance enables you to quickly adapt to rapidly changing global financial requirements using a flexible, guided, rules-based chart of accounts and dimensions
    • Confidently & seamlessly manage frequently changing regulatory requirements with configurable tax, e-invoicing, payment, and reporting formats

    Make Well-Informed Decisions with in-built Business Intelligence

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance comes with in-depth reporting capabilities, financial intelligence, and embedded real-time analytics, enabling organizations to close books faster. Dynamics 365 Finance delivers agile financial reporting capabilities with support for multiple legal entities and currencies in a single instance. D365 Finance also helps you to handle foreign exchange while shortening end-of month process. Embedded Business Intelligence & Machine Learning ability offers predictive recommendations and proactive guidance to ensure timely customer payments while helping in improving cash-flow.T

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  • Retail is a growing industry, reaching every potential customer and serving across all the touch points. In daily life, shopping has turned an indispensable part of an ingrained with modern consumers’ demand and integrated shopping experiences across physical stores, online portals, and mobile applications. With the disruption of traditional commerce channels and the emergence of the new ones, shoppers or consumers have got greater control of their shopping experience. Robust research on product pricing and quality has helped them maximize the value of every single penny spent. Also, they are more likely to choose the brand offering them the most convenient and personalized services.

    Such drastic advancement has brought great opportunities for businesses dealing with retail. Using modern tools and business insights, retail business organizations can make the most of the opportunities. This helps bridge the gap between the smart customers and the offline retailer eventually and lead the way in the competitive marketplace. Also, traditional retailers can bring isolated and disconnected shopping channels to provide a seamless buying experience to their customers.

    To fulfill the growing demands and meet the emerging challenges of the retail business world, business organizations need an advanced, agile, and reliable cloud commerce solution. Particularly, a robust solution that helps retailers to be quick, compete better and retain relationships with their potentials. Creating rich, customer-first experience across all the channels, an advanced solution should be tied with backend operations seamlessly. Retailers can attract massive clientele through personalized experiences, deliver merchants on their terms unifying data across all the siloes and deploying data-driven metrics. Additionally, they can provide their employees with modern tools and information for ultra-responsive customer service.

    Integrated Commerce Experience

    The inception of Dynamics 365 Commerce has assisted retail businesses in delivering a comprehensive omnichannel solution across online stores, conventional stores, and call center channels efficiently. Built on the proven D365 Retail capabilities, it renders seamless merchandising, order management, inventory control, warehousing, and financial management. These functionalities are differentiated through AI-driven personalization, integrated clientele, fraud security, and search options. Additionally, it supports the market-leading capabilities of Power Platform to provide business workflow orchestration and analytics to extend the solution to own it.

    Introducing e-commerce functionality to the entire Dynamics 365 family, Dynamics 365 Commerce proffers the creation of digital experience with the help of built-in web authoring and development tools, which enables businesses to generate engaging, interactive, and intelligent storefronts. Also, the deployment of integrated content management with the commerce engine further allows top-notch management of content, assets, inventory, promotions, and pricing across all touchpoints.

    Bringing proven e-commerce technology to Dynamics 365 Commerce customers holds the motive to proffer a world-class, scalable, reliable, and secure solution to cater to all the omnichannel requirements.

    Case Study

    One of the reputed and well-offwineries in the Pacific Northwest has recently steered digital transformation leveraging Dynamics 365 Commerce. This wine estates hold the reputation of delivering world-class wines, paired with outstanding customer experience, and supported through scores of awards. Deploying this comprehensive e-commerce solution, they are creating an integrated platform to knit together the distinct brands and multiple sales channels. It includes warehouse, online, and retail. With such deployment, this top-notch Wine Estates gets the opportunity to deal with their customers with elevated digital experiences. Additionally, this digital transition will help them modify and advance the mode of doing business with an end-to-end omnichannel solution across all the touchpoints. Also, they can develop deep insights and leverage enhanced decision-making capabilities for continuous modernization.

    Key Approach To Unify Commerce

    Dynamics 365 Commerce improves retail and customer experience by delivering across the following key priorities:

    • To build and run digital commerce and advanced store operations
    • Create loyalty and excess buyer expectations
    • Use cloud intelligence to streamline all the business operations
    • Allow agile and intelligent omnichannel shopping experience
    • Render compliant, scalable, and secure e-commerce solution

    Supported through a connected data platform, these priorities can create personalized and coherent shopping experiences, multiply employee productivity, maximize business operations, and dispatch improved business outcomes efficiently.

    Run Digital Commerce—Recent surveys revealed that most of the customers feel important to get a personalized shopping experience across all the channels within a brand. In such a case, Dynamics 365 Commerce delivers a robust set of tools to assist new and experienced developers, which transforms e-commerce authoring and enriching pages into an interactive task. With a built-in content management system and digital asset management capabilities, this solution integrates all the digital commerce processes and enhances operational excellence. Embedded with modern web rendering platform, it offers comprehensive capabilities to improve and offer content-rich and immersive web experiences for customers. Furthermore, it empowers all the employees within an organization to utilize digital tools on mobile devices to improve customer services by bringing line busting, special ordering and assisted selling.

    Gain Loyal Clientele—Offering personalized shopping or buying experience is no longer an optional activity for retail businesses. Customers like to shop with brands recognizing their importance and providing relevant offers at regular intervals. Moreover, they expect online experiences to deliver information relevant to their preferences and purchase history. Hence, Dynamics 365 Commerce comes with a range of intuitive tools to give retailers and sales associates the essential insights to cater to customer requirements at every engagement level. Also, AI-driven recommendations, loyalty capabilities, and customer insights are easily accessible and flow across all physical and digital channels. With such core functionality, it enables retailers to deliver continuous and consistent shopping experience elevating their brand appeal subsequently.

    Deliver Omnichannel Experience—Businesses dealing with retail must know their customers well. Consumers willingly spend more on products and services with the organization offering a better experience. All those retailers operating with disconnected channels are not merely annoying customers but steering inefficiencies for their business operations, too. Isolating integral business data, including inventory, promotion, pricing across channels is deteriorating their business growth and affecting their benefits. Here, Dynamics 365 Commerce is the one-stop solution.

    Offering the following core capabilities, it helps offer streamlines engagement across all physical and digital channels:

    • Cross channel experiences such as, buy online pick up in-store and buy online return in-store.
    • Deploy a conventional store as a warehouse to speed up product delivery to the customers.
    • Render user-generated ratings of the product and reviews to increase conversion rate.
    • Offering wish lists, inventory visibility, gift cards, and loyalty programs to enrich the buying experience.
    • Using intelligent search to deliver immersive and consistent experiences across all touchpoints.

    Cloud Intelligence—Intelligence acts as a fuel to run the engine of the digital transformation of the business bus. Particularly, retail businesses can gain key business insights by infusing intelligent technology into major organizational operations. This helps them drive growth and optimize operational proficiencies. Also, business organizations can get insights by visualizing and analyzing comprehensive data across all aspects of the business.

    Core Capabilities Of Cloud Intelligence Are As:

    • AI-driven product recommendations, which help upsell and cross-sell and deliver personalized shopping experience.
    • Back office operations in a consistent format, which enables omnichannel insights and analytics.
    • Comprehensive data across online and conventional stores.
    • Integrated AI-driven payment fraud protection to minimize fraud-related costs and increase revenues. This capability helps enhance buyer experiences.
    • Distributed order management to drop-down operational costs.
    • AI-driven user content moderation and validation.
    • Automated video streaming to elevate brand appeal.
    • Integrated inventory, merchandising, pricing, and promotions.

    Secure and Scalable Solution—Retail businesses often look for partners to assist them to deliver solutions that understand their business needs and grounded in trust. A lightheartedly approach to undertake a transformation can impact the core of a business quite negatively. Hence, Dynamics 365 Commercewill turn into the most preferred choice to get flexible deployment options supported by global compliance, business-level security standards, robust SLA, and configurable developer options. Also, it uses a unique solution to assist retailers in improving infrastructure. Using Scale Units, businesses dealing in retail can always ascertain transactions and scale their operations globally as well. This helps them to operate as large multi-brand, multi-company, and multi-national organizations.

    On a conclusive note, Dynamics 365 Commerce is the most advanced e-commerce solution, which enables retail businesses to build brand loyalty through customized customer engagements. Embedded with robust capabilities and rich functionality, it helps increase revenue with increased employee productivity, make the most of the business operations to drop down costs and steer supply chain efficiencies. Burgeoning retail businesses can deploy this intuitive application to render enhanced business outcomes and gain substantial benefits as well.

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  • To stay ahead of the globally ballooning competition,businesses must entail a robust blend of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Microsoft has rendered a powerful platform thatdrives proven business logistics and helps revamp the entire business process quickly and smoothly.

    Most of the IT professionals are conversant with core functionalities and benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, this is not always the case with businessmen. Its impact on the revenue, sales team productivity and the overall efficiency of the business steer its implementation. Although figures and data progress representing the progress are captivating, businesses novel to CRM and ERP systems might not get convinced easily. D365 may appear inessential with the existing business tools or manual execution of the processes.

    Here’s you can comprehend the ways Dynamics 365 can help your customers thrive in their business.It facilitates with the following functionalitiesto switch to smart business operationsand blaze the trail:

    Sales Process Automation

    Business marketers can plan, design, and deploy campaigns in D365 as per the requirement efficiently. Once deployed, it prompts active engagement with leads through email chains and websites. It combines all the fragmented, unconnected marketing data to create insight profiles, which enables businesses to make the most of the existing, underlying information. With such capability, it allots an opportunity score to those leads. When this score gets high, Dynamics 365 automatically propel the leads over to the sales team to help them make more informed purchasing decisions. Eventually, this built-in Relationship Analytics helps the businesses, especially the sales team, deal with potential prospects and eliminate wasted sales as well as dead leads before they make it to the sales personnel. 

    Increased Client Retention

    Streamlining lead generation and supporting revenue flow from existing customers are the key potentials of Dynamics 365. You can showcase its functionality to connect sales, project, and service functions seamlessly in case, your customers are struggling with uncertain retention of their clients. It proffers a dynamic dashboard, where sales teams can start projects and bring in managers and technicians for consultations as well. Also, it enables them to create project timetables and billing. It offers a knowledge base throughout the process, which can be assembled to their customer service team.

    These functions connect under the implementation of Microsoft’s analytical tools, which gives a primary advantage to D365 over its competitors. Making predictive sales account analyses and assisting with status updates, it helps your customers learn the potential of their project progress.

    Reduced Aerial Infrastructure

    Businesses can easily shift their IT expenditure to a more predictable schedule with migration to a cloud-based solution. In particular, it assists in minimizing downtime due to patching and other upgrades. It enables your customers to drop-down their CapEx budgets as lifecycle upgrades are eliminated with an in-house CRM server. Shifting their infrastructure budgets to profit-generating initiatives can help businesses manage operations without bearing any superfluous outlay.

    Improved Business Integration

    Although D365 offers numerous individually robust tools, its strength lies in its integration of all those tools within a single platform. Also, it can benefit its customers providing active integration with other Microsoft products. It is built on the Microsoft Data Model, which enables the users to avail of a shared data language supporting all their analytical and business applications. The seamless integration of whatever your customers use, including Excel and Power BI, enables them to generate synthesized reports, evaluating assets and data within the organization.

    SimplifiedHuman Capital Management

    Rendering extensive functionalities for sales, support, and project, D365 provides a powerful set of HR tools. With its capability to unify all of the different ERP functions on a single platform, it assists the businesses in the management of hiring, onboarding, performance, compensation, and benefits through a single dashboard. Also, it renders easy accessibility to the employees for self-service. Dynamics 365 enables its customers to customize their dashboard as per the organization’s requirement, which helps them keep the essential and discard not-in-use items. 

    Proffering user-friendly interface, increased visibility for vendors, and centralized execution, D365 allows the users to work the way they feel like. Not only it prompts productivity, but it also drives proficiency and quality in the execution of all the business operations. It offers a host of valuable business tools on a single platform to steer profitability and entail substantial growth as well.

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