Adopting technology to better meet customers’ demands reinforces the future success and profitability of service organizations. The service industry runs extensively on relationships that last long and share good times at multiple instances. NetSuite for Services Companies is inventively orchestrated to help business leaders in this sector manage their clients efficiently and foster exemplary project management.

Organizations in the Service industry can leverage the core capabilities of NetSuite to drop-sown project costs, create transparency, their unique requirements, and make the most of its integrated platform to oversee key operations closely.



Project managers can explore NetSuite’s project management solution that enables them and their team members to collaborate on projects, and maintain current &accurate project status at all times. Also, managers can proactively identify and fix potential issues with each engagement.


  • Accessibility to stakeholders can see, monitor, and manage project status anytime, anywhere
  • Real-time access, transparency, and better control to all of your project information

Ultimately, it results in improved project completion record, happily satisfied clients, and maximized billable work.

    What is 5 + 1 ?

    Resource Management

    Services organizations can grab complete visibility into resource management and skills by leveraging the elemental capabilities of NetSuite Services Industry Software.

    With NetSuite, administrators at services organizations can manage even the most complex project resource management requirements without much hassle.

    Project Accounting

    By leveraging the core capabilities of NetSuite for Service Industry, you can drive cash flow, maintain tight control over the strategic direction of your projects, support resources effectively, and ensure that projects are completed on time.

    Project Accounting in NetSuite is integrated with

    • The General Ledger
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Sales orders
    • Purchase orders
    • Inventory Management


    NetSuite for Services Companies offers inventive billing solutions to automate invoicing operations. Finance administrators at services firms can combine flat, tiered, and consumption-based options with promotions, volume discounts, and customer-specific rates for optimal flexibility.

    You can manage the entire subscription or billing lifecycle efficiently, including:

    • Modification of subscriptions and prorate billing
    • Consolidation of multiple charges on a single invoice
    • Auto-generation of renewal invoices to improve retention

    Timesheet Management

    With NetSuite Services Industry Software, one can quickly and easily capture detailed timesheets anywhere. It enables the mapping of timesheet entry and approvals to your unique business requirements. You can customize time entry to meet business rules, include time for multiple projects on the same timesheet, and track and submit time in bulk as well.

    Expense Management

    Project managers can track expense reports through submitting/approving lifecycle, view an auditable system history for each report, and generate overdue expense report approval alerts. Its simple interface allows you to design weekly tasks, simplify them, and improveadoption, and accuracy.

    Reporting and Analytics

    You can get actionable insights and real-time visibility if you choose to aggrandize your project performance with NetSuite for Services Industry. It comes with robust dashboards, reporting, and analytical tools that help you gaze into key operations across projects and deliveries in real-time.

    Moreover, you can monitor, report, and analyze resource utilization, profit margins, and project budgets versus actual without much hassle. This SaaS ERP for Service industry allows every stakeholder from executive to project manager to instantly see tailor-made reports with the metrics that matter most to the services organization.

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