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Azure web service is Microsoft’s operating system for cloud computing. Microsoft Azure was created by Microsoft just to simplification of IT services and minimizes the expenses on infrastructure and maintenance. Azure web services can be create, distribute and upgrade without much expenses for maintenance, Azure also provide security and storage facility for the data. Microsoft Azure is attracting more and more small and mid-size organizations not only for its scalable and reliable platform but also for its rich features.

We have good amount of experience of working with Microsoft Azure, We have work with various organizations in different sectors in our more than three years of experience and that gives us edge in providing excellent service of Microsoft Azure. We are expert in migrating your old application to Microsoft Azure. We have facilitates many of our customers with Custom azure application development for many organizations according to the requirement. We are expert in saving your lots of money by providing a scalable, reliable, user friendly and latest platform which you can use through the internet.

One can create a virtual machine or server on the cloud server with the help of Azure web development services where one can develop his project and even can deploy the running application.

Features of Microsoft Azure Web Services

  • We can develop a website using its different web application like .net, PHP etc
  • One user can develop mobile application on Azure platform.
  • Azure provides a great platform to the media by providing functionality like protection of content, create, manage or distribute media.

inoday provides you the following services for Azure web services

  • Azure SQL
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Azure Worker Roles and Web Roles
  • Azure Queues
  • Azure Cache Service
  • Azure offshore Development
  • Azure ecommerce solutions
  • Azure Market Place
  • Azure outsourcing