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Dynamics 365 for Oil & Gas Industry

Notably, Dynamics 365 for Oil & Gas Industry is a collection of end-to-end, cloud-based business management solutions. In particular, with the deployment of a Cloud ERP for Oilfield Service Companies, businesses engaged in Oil & Gas operations can readily manage

By all means, Dynamics 365 for Oil & Gas Business is specifically structured and designed for all sizes of oil & gas services companies including oilfield services, drilling, machinery, and others. Above all, this Dynamics 365 for Oil and Gas Industry helps such businesses connect and drive visibility to every aspect.

  • Finances
  • Workforces
  • Assets And Equipment
  • Projects
  • Customers, And More.

    Challenges: Oil & Gas Industry

    Volatile Pricing and Rising Competition

    The Oil & Gas industry offers completely fungible commodity products where the market, prices and business profits are at the mercy of complex geopolitical factors. Here, companies looking to technological advancement to accelerate innovation and increase operational efficiencies can leverage Dynamics 365 for Oil and Gas to increase margins and stee competitive advantage.

    Limited Resources

    Oil & Gas Business are significantly reducing headcounts and expenditure on goods and services due to increasing cost consolidation demands. Given these points, leveraging technology like Cloud ERP for Oilfield Service Companies can help create a lean production environment to render the scalability required when the demand and prices returns to cyclical highs.

    Sustainability Challenges

    One of the major challenges with Oil & Gas Industry is Climate change. For the most part, it is accelerating social pressure, with governments and investors focusing on optimized carbon footprints and new sources of renewable energy. In such a case, CEOs of any Oil & Gas Businesses are prioritizing social responsibility, safety, sustainable energy and environmental impact to hold and retain public’s trust. And, technology enhancements within Oil & Gas operations can help them do so efficiently.


    The distributed and hazardous nature of Oil & Gas industry facilities and systems creates unique vulnerabilities. By all means, these peculiarities make them targets for cyber and terrorist attacks. Hence, technological advances in big data analytics, video surveillance, and cloud computing solutions offered under Dynamics 365 for Oil and Gas can drive innovative security measures and improved peace of mind.

    Aging Assets

    Undeniably, investment in advanced data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) via Dynamics 365 fir Oil & Gas Industry not only steer greater equipment uptime, lowered costs, and optimized efficiency but would help increase safety and monitor key capabilities. With such functionalities, a Oil & Gas business can avoid malfunctions or accidents often caused by using older or aging assets.

    Empower Your Oil and Gas Business with
    Dynamics 365 for Oil & Gas Industry
    and Field Service Operations


    Financial Management

    • Comply with tax regulations across various countries and regions
    • Use multiple languages without any system customization
    • Flexible tax determination matrix and configurable tax calculation designer
    • Authorization for expenditures (AFE) cost estimates
    • Allocation of overheads to the appropriate parties
    • Optimized billing to partners
    • Allocation by cost center
    • Collated statements, invoices, and prepayments.
    • Accurate project cash flow
    • Intelligent and customizable cash flow forecasting

    Project Management

    • Estimate and track projects accurately
    • Developing estimates for labor, expenses, and materials
    • Monitor planned-to-actual consumption while projects are in progress
    • Automated workflows set up to improve time and expense policy compliance with submissions, approvals, and reporting
    • Deal structures tailored for each project
    • Adaptable billing models to create fixed-price, time and materials, or retainer-type contracts
    • Billing queues and add ad-hoc transactions management
    • Dashboards, task management, scheduling, interactive Gantt charts, and work-breakdown structures.

    Multi-company Accounting

    • Supporting multi-currency and intercompany processes using different chart of accounts, fiscal years, and currencies.
    • Map to shared charts of accounts and dimensions
    • Documents with more than one currency to reconcile intercompany balances.
    • Quick adaptation to changing market demands
    • Rapid business growth by providing unified global financials
    • Rules-based chart of accounts to simplify regulatory reporting and global payments.
    • Customizable configuration of financial processes
    • Streamlined asset management and efficient tracking of values
    • Reduced reporting errors with centralized, automated processes

    Field Service

    • Faster response to issues with connected field service
    • Remote monitoring and interacting with IoT-enabled assets
    • Diagnosis of problems before customers are even aware of an issue
    • Asset maintenance scheduling to create a proactive and predictive service model.
    • Real-time view of your environment from anywhere on any devices with remote collaborators
    • Reduced travel time, fuel consumption, and vehicle maintenance

    Equipment Rental

    • Contracts and accurate records management
    • Track of your rental contracts; flexible contract terms.
    • Track out of commission equipment
    • Account for the depreciation of assets
    • Maintenance schedules
    • Optimized replacement parts inventory
    • Automatic flag returned equipment for maintenance

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist for Oil and Gas Industry

    Most importantly, Oil & Gas Business can make the best of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist to empower their technicians and collaborate more efficiently from anywhere.

    Key Benefits

    • Improved first time fix rates
    • Real-time data
    • Knowledge sharing
    • Training and upskilling
    • Elimination of process inefficiencies, high costs, and safety risks

    Why inoday?

    At inoday, a Microsoft Gold Partner, you can leverage Dynamics 365 for Oil & Gas Industry. For the most part, our Certified Dynamics 365 Consultants and a team of renowned subject-matter experts brings innovation to the forefront through a unique blend of expert-level assistance, deep knowledge of the product, and customized solutions to solve mission-critical issues around an Oil and Gas Business.

    Above all, we share our 16+ years of experience in Digital Transformation via Cloud Computing Solutions and hence, take the time to truly understand your needs before planning successful implementation of Dynamics 365 for Oil and Gas Operations.

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