Get #1 Cloud ERP, Oracle NetSuite ERP from an Award-winning Oracle NetSuite ERP Service Provider

As a true SaaS, #1 Cloud ERP Software, integrated suite of business applications with around 33,000+ trusted customers across 200+ countries, NetSuite ERP Software is deployed for streamlining key business processes. With the deployment of Oracle NetSuite ERP Software under the aegis of an official and award-winning NetSuite Implementation Consultant, you can access your data any time and make smarter business moves.


    Connect to a certified NetSuite Implementation Consultant offering experience and expertise over successful implementation via proven methodology and an out-of-the-box approach.


    Extend the scope of your Oracle NetSuite solutions, by leveraging our services for integrating NetSuite ERP with other third-party applications—Shopify, Magento, Salesforce.


    Pick among 3-levels or types of Oracle NetSuite Licensing editions. We can help you pick the best-suited one as per your business needs, complexities, and user strength.

    Support and Maintenance

    Get NetSuite Technical Customer Support, Functional Support, Premium Support, User Training to maximize ROI from your NetSuite ERP software solution.

    Why Choose Us

    inoday, #1 Oracle NetSuite Channel Partner, offering everything in and around Oracle NetSuite ERP Solutions to help thriving businesses make the most of cloud capabilities and drive robust transformation.
    We are accredited for delivering uncompromised ORACLE NetSuite ERP solutions that has helped businesses across services, e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, warehouse industries take a competitive lead.
    As India’s Top Oracle NetSuite ERP Solution provider, inoday renders active support to solve mission critical issues and  enhance operational efficiency within stipulated time.
    Being a certified and award-winning Oracle NetSuite Solution Partner in India, we assist in project management, process design, configuration, customization, integration, data migration for increased efficiency.
    We put everything to addresses pain-points and facilitate with the best-suited solutions to optimize ROI, improve business performance, and drive business growth.

    As a Certified and Dedicated Oracle NetSuite ERP Consultant, our workflow covers

    What if inoday is your NetSuite Consultant?

    You can make the most of our 17+ experience and rich industry-centric expertise in offering successful implementation of NetSuite Cloud ERP software to bridge the business gap you have been facing due to a legacy system.

    We are acknowledged for offering NetSuite Consulting Services that has helped businesses across different industries scale up their growth and performance in minimal time. As an official, #1 Oracle NetSuite Channel Partner, inoday can help you drive unmatched business scalability and with standard Oracle NetSuite Pricing in India and overseas for all NetSuite applications, including SuiteSuccess, and Oracle NetSuite Accounting Software. Our consulting services for Oracle NetSuite ERP cover all the aspects of implementation lifecycle.

    Our NetSuite ERP consultants ensure an error-less go-live, render post go-live support, and ascertain business continuity even beyond it.

    How to Do It Right


    Set business goals, sync with project team approach.


    Define current processes, cross-check data sources, monitor process gaps and document requirements.


    Configure NetSuite ERP as per business requirements. Schedule migration and testing.


    Recurring Go-live testing. User Training. Data migration, and changeover execution into Production.


    Transition to ongoing operations and precision of future phases.

    Key to Your Business Success

    Get real-time access to key performance metrics across anywhere, anytime, on any device with Oracle NetSuite ERP to make more informed decisions.
    Make the most of built-in BI capabilities, dashboards, insights, and reporting to bring transparency across all departments.
    Go for NetSuite ERP Integration with third-party applications— Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Salesforce, HubSpot, BrainTree to expand its business capabilities efficiently.
    Grab the flexibility with Oracle NetSuite ERP System to add, customize functionality as per your changing business needs and adapt to business trends.
    You can start with what you want as Oracle NetSuite follows modular approach. With a simplified platform at a standard NetSuite Pricing, you can upgrade or De-grade as per changing business needs.
    Get one-stop solution, NetSuite Cloud ERP for multi-currency, multi-language, global tax and compliance management capabilities and take your business to global level with confidence.

    What Your Business Gets?

    One-stop Solution for All Business Process
    Automated, simplified operations
    Built-in Flexibility
    Real-time Visibility
    Native Business Intelligence
    Anytime, Anywhere Access to Key Performance Metrics
    Customizable, role-based dashboards
    Summary-level overview of all business activities
    Multi-subsidiary, global business management
    Saved Business Hours and Cost

    NetSuite Modules We Work

    NetSuite Finance and Accounting
    NetSuite Supply Chain Management
    NetSuite Inventory Management
    NetSuite Warehouse Management
    NetSuite Customer Relationship Management
    NetSuite Project Management
    NetSuite Revenue Recognition
    NetSuite Human Resource Management
    NetSuite Ecommerce
    NetSuite Professional Services Automation
    NetSuite SuiteSuccess

    Our Clients

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an ERP NetSuite?

    Ans. NetSuite is the most widely deployed cloud Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP solution worldwide. Its ERP system is engineered to manage core business functions. These may cover finance and accounting, inventory, orders, supply chain,warehouse, wholesale distribution, ecommerce, and more.

    Is NetSuite SQL based?

    Ans. Yes. NetSuite is an advanced and well-crafted database at its core with a user-friendly interface, which is managed through SQL.

    Is NetSuite free?

    Ans. To make the most of the platform, businesses are required to pay an annual license fee. Also, it has one-time setup or installation fee. This fee is based on factors, including modules and number of users a business chooses. So far, there is no free version available of NetSuite.

    Where is NetSuite used?

    Ans. The key uses of NetSuite can be seen for enterprise resource planning (ERP), financial management, e-commerce, omnichannel commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), and professional services automation (PSA). Businesses across Manufacturing, Services, Ecommerce, Supply Chain, Warehouse, Wholesale Distribution, Finance, Non-profit, Transport and Logistics, Media and Publishing, Hospitality industries can make the most of NetSuite software.

    Is NetSuite or SAP better?

    Ans. As both the ERP modules manage the manufacturing and supply chain, NetSuite is considered better than SAP for those companies who do not need any marketing or HR modules. SAP is a professional service that comes with in-depth human resource capital feature.