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SuiteSuccess – Manage All Aspects of Your Business in a Single, Cloud-based System

Engineered for small and rapidly growing companies, Oracle NetSuite SuiteSuccess enables companies to manage all aspects of their business in a single system. SuiteSuccess comes with pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports and value-driven dashboards that help you to start quickly. SuiteSuccess provides strong foundation to transform your business by delivering agile and phased approach to drive results. SuiteSuccess supports intelligent staged approach to implementation, enabling companies to go live quickly. With 95+ pre-built reports, pre-configured roles with dashboards and business intelligence metrics, NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition enables you to realizing your digital dreams while streamlining your business processes.

SuiteSuccess – Delivering Four Key Pillars to Success

Build – SuiteSuccess comes with comprehensive capabilities including ERP, CRM, PSA, Omni-channel commerce, HR and Business Intelligence to support variety of industries.

Engage – SuiteSuccess brings industry leading practices across sales, services, & support in the form of workflows, KPIs, reports, dashboards and metrics.

Consume – SuiteSuccess supports intelligent staged approach, enabling you to start with what your business needs at the initial stage. Go from zero to cloud in 100 days.

Optimize – SuiteSuccess is future ready. With continuous release of new features, continuous updates and add-ons, Oracle has made SuiteSuccess perfect solution that grows with your business.

How Does SuiteSuccess Implementation Methodology Differ From Regular Implementation?

SuiteSuccess is designed by Oracle to address the aches and pains of lengthy implementations. In regular implementation approach, NetSuite Consulting Firms focuses heavily on extracting organization’s current requirements that leads to highly customized solution, leading to scope creep and budget overruns. With SuiteSuccess, the scope is tightly aligned with customer expectations to reduce requirement gathering time while ensuring much greater accuracy of scope in contracts. Implementations start from a pre-configured solution and take significantly less time to implement. Leveraging best practices to create efficient, industry-specific solutions, SuiteSuccess gets you up and running in 100 days by deploying ready-built best practices in your NetSuite instance.