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With NetSuite Services Company Edition, your firm can manage your entire client service and business management processes with a flexible, powerful business application—integrating professional services automation, client relationship management, client service delivery, financials, e-commerce, and more. Now your service company can sell more to new and existing clients, manage your projects for high levels of service at lower cost, and manage your entire business for greater profitability.


One Application to Manage Your Services Business

Services firms typically cobble together and then juggle several different business applications —and numerous spreadsheets—to manage the intricacies of the services industry. It’s time to stop wasting precious resources managing multiple “silo” systems, NetSuite is the one intelligent, integrated, customizable application to unify your client management and business processes, increase visibility for better decision making, and extend processes to your clients for enhanced collaboration.

One System—Complete Services Lifecycle Management

NetSuite manages the end-to-end lifecycle business processes in one system with marketing from suspect to lead, sales from prospect to proposal to contract, project tracking and billing throughout service delivery, support for products and services sold and upsell/add-on intelligence to ensure ongoing relationships with valued clients.

Advanced Financials

With complex billing and revenue recognition, NetSuite manages the intricacies of services financial management.

One View of the Client

One integrated system (Accounting/ERP+CRM+Ecommerce) delivers a single, real-time view of the client across all projects, departments and locations.

Built to Run a Services Company

NetSuite is designed from the ground up to run a services business.

Subscription Business

NetSuite’s on-demand model provides lower cost and anytime/anywhere access.

Client Collaboration

Client-facing processes extend self-service via the Client Portal.

The World’s Most Customizable On-Demand Solution

NetSuite is easily extended through SuiteFlex customization, Web services, and SuiteScript.

NetSuite Services Company Edition offers the industry’s first and only:

  • Role-based, customizable dashboards
  • Integrated PSA, CRM and Accounting/ERP
  • Integrated website

NetSuite Services Company Edition features include:

  • Customer Relationship Management
    • Sales Force Automation
    • Marketing Automation
    • Customer Support and Service
    • Incentive Management*
    • Offline Sales Client*
    • Partner Relationship Management
  • Accounting/ERP
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable
    • Advanced Financials
    • Revenue Recognition*
    • Budgeting
    • Multi-currency
    • Order Management
    • Purchasing
    • Standard, Customizable Reports
  • Professional Services Automation
    • Advanced Project Accounting
    • Advanced Billing
    • Paperless Expense Reports
    • Advanced Calendaring
    • Activity Time Management
    • Document Management
    • Standard & Customized Reporting
  • Website
    • Database Driven Website
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Customer Acquisition
    • Customer, Partner Self-Service
    • Website Analytics*
  • Employee Management and Productivity
    • Role-based Dashboards
    • Employee Records
    • Expense Reporting, Purchase Requisitions
    • Employee Self-Service

The Ultimate Business Dashboard to Manage Your Client-centric Business

From senior executive or partner, through project manager, to technical consultant, NetSuite gives you role-specific Dashboards for real-time visibility into services forecasting, revenue, status of projects, project alerts, client support incidents and more. Dashboards help service-based companies keep a finger on the pulse of their business, freeing individuals to focus on the client to garner their business, deliver on promises, manage the engagement for profit and maximize client service.

The dashboards for Service Providers include:

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs, with tailorable period comparisons and out-of-tolerance notifications, give you a real-time, at-a-glance view of your projects and your company’s performance.

Real-time Visibility

Real-time visibility of projects status, utilization, realization rates, support issues and more.

Saved Searches

Saved searches give users rapid, repeatable ad hoc reports right on their dashboard.

Group Calendaring

Calendars for individual and group scheduling.

RSS Content

RSS content feeds from your choice of providers.

Direct Drill-Down

Real-time updates, direct drill down to greater detail and transaction management directly from the Dashboard.

The Best CRM for Services Companies

CRM can make or break a services company, and a top analyst firm recently ranked NetSuite CRM services #1 in Sales Management, Forecasting, Opportunity Management and Dashboards. Why? Unlike standalone CRM applications, NetSuite CRM services is seamlessly integrated with financials and your back office systems, giving you a 360 degree view of the client.

360 Degree View of the Client

One integrated system (Accounting/ERP+CRM+Ecommerce) delivers a single, real-time view of the client across all departments and all locations.

True Marketing ROI

With closed-loop marketing, you can see revenues, costs and ROI for all campaigns in real-time.

Complete Lead to Contract

NetSuite manages the complete lead to order process in-system.

Services Item Catalogue

NetSuite’ Service Item Catalogue lets you organize your portfolio of service offerings, facilitating the sales process. As prospects move to preferred clients, you can provide standard pricing to target segments and personalized pricing for recurring and contracted services. The Service Item Catalogue also manages discounting rules for accounts contracting volume or multiple services.

Complete Contract to Cash

NetSuite automates the complete order to cash lifecycle with integrated order management serving as the critical pipeline between client facing CRM, PSA, and back office Accounting/ERP and financials. Order management integrated with Advanced Billing allows you to accurately account for projects. It also provides histories for inquiries, support and upsell and cross-sell of products and services.

Multiple Forecasts

You have visibility into multiple forecasts, such as calculated, upside case, base case, downside case, and override, enabling you to easily, accurately triangulate forecasts.

Integrated Commissions

NetSuite is the only Web-based CRM system to offer commissions tracking, which is critical for motivating sales teams through real-time visibility, reduced errors, and accurate, timely payment. Managed in-system, integrated commissions reduce overhead in sales operations, and eliminates shadow tracking by sales representatives.

Complete Financials with Advanced Billing

Financials are complex in any industry and often very complex for services providers. The stumbling block for most services companies is managing billing schedules, and ensuring compliance. Few financial packages provide these tools, forcing companies to manage these complexities offline in spreadsheets or in third party standalone packages. With NetSuite you have one financial system that manages accounting and complex billing—so there’s no more
double entry.

  • Advanced billing
  • Deferred revenue management
  • Pricing
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Multiple budgets
  • GAAP & regulatory compliance
  • Complete financials foundation
  • Complete procure-to-pay purchasing
  • Standard and customized reporting
  • Full application integration

Integrated Back-Office with Services-Specific Features

NetSuite lets you manage the complex back office within one system

  • Paperless expense reports
  • Employee management
  • Real-time processes, intelligence
  • Payroll Services

Deep Support Functionality

Quality of services and support can make or break a services company— both early on during implementation and over time for client satisfaction and retention. High levels of service can be costly, and that’s why NetSuite gives you the tools and a choice of channels to provide the right level of service to the right clients at the best cost.

Multi-channel Service

Superior multi-channel service with all client interactions—live, online, e-mail and in-person—are tracked to a single client record.

Client Center

NetSuite’s self-service Client Center gives clients low cost, high availability service 24/7 around the globe.

Getting Started

Leverage inoday methods, tools, and extensive experience with customer implementations across diverse industries and geographies. Tight integration across Consulting, Development, Support, and Global Delivery puts the entire inoday team behind your success. To learn more, contact inoday Consulting representative.