inoday Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd

Our Integrations

Our NetSuite integration services are offered for below cited applications and web services to deliver hassle-free business management experience to the customers.

  • Database
  • Data Migration across different platforms
  • Web Services (Amazon Web Services)
  • Celigo (SaaS) with Magento (Open source) and many more!
  • Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce (eCommerce)
  • Oracle, EBS, SAP (ERP)
  • Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM (CRM)
  • POS

Integrating Data Between on Premise and Cloud Applications

Integration of software applications is all about merging information of one system with another to have smooth business operations. One of the major differences between cloud-based and on-premise integration is about the amount of data that is transferred and how it is actually accomplished. Most organizations today use a mix of public and private cloud services, for which they need better way to integrate information across large number of environments. NetSuite, with a unified approach integrates information with real-time data integration solutions to ensure companies can retain optimal control and total flexibility within their infrastructure.

NetSuite Integration Solutions

Acknowledged for delivering best NetSuite integration services in Delhi/NCR, we are counted upon by leading names in different industries like retail, wholesale & distribution, eCommerce, etc. We also deliver NetSuite integration in Noida with third-party cloud-based and on-premise applications using REST and SOAP architecture. Our integration service section comprises following structures:

Business Logic Integration

  • Business logic often spans across multiple or third party applications.
  • Extending one app’s business logic to another helps in process implementation.

Integration Languages

  • Absolute layout control
  • Java Developer Resources

Data Integration

  • Integrating applications at the data layer is a common scenario
  • NetSuite is enabled with RESTLet and SUITLet based API


  • Comprehensive and unified set of components seamlessly integrates on-premise and cloud applications and services
  • Proven integration technologies deployed by thousands of leading organizations ensures high reliability, real-time performance, and trusted integration
  • Easy-to-use native NetSuite Cloud developer tool eliminate complexity and create a seamless enterprise, connecting public, private, and on-premise applications


  • Enables faster time to market due to integrated transactions and processes
  • Reduces complexity through standards-based integration
  • Increases control through end-to-end cloud and on-premise visibility
  • Rapidly connects your Third Party application and customer information with back-end applications leveraging the NetSuite Cloud integration Tool such as Web services and REST platform integration framework.