NetSuite for Ecommerce Offers Engaging Experience And Improves Customer Satisfaction Level

Oracle NetSuite Ecommerce helps create a brand voice is the modern world’s call.

  • One-stop, complete commerce solution
  • B2B and B2C Commerce on one platform
  • Mobile-optimized and responsive design
  • Flexibility, adaptability, and increased efficiency

    NetSuite’s Ecommerce Solution Features

    Key Features Cloud ERP for Ecommerce Combats

    Know About NetSuite's B2B vs. B2C Ecommerce

    NetSuite’s Ecommerce Solution From inoday

    NetSuite for E-Commerce Industry streamlines operations to help business leaders drive more traffic, increase conversion rates, and sustain customer engagement.

    Innovate Ecommerce business, witness unlimited expansion, and create a seamless brand experience with Oracle NetSuite Ecommerce

    This Cloud ERP for Ecommerce business simplifies the delivery of engaging brand experience and multiply their revenue like never before.

    This inventively orchestrated e-commerce solution helps business leaders

    • Unify E-commerce
    • Sell through Multiple Brands, Languages, And Currencies
    • Oversee Trends In Real-Time
    • Automate Employee Promotions And Discounts
    • Manage Inventory Processes
    • Manage Product Availability

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    Integrated Function

    E-commerce businesses relying on manually entry of data often witness inaccurate inventory levels, untraceable orders, or wrong shipping data.

    NetSuite for E-Commerce Industry integrates all such functions, automates data transfer, and ascertains its uniformity as well.

    Fast and Quick Business Process

    Repetitive sales process with too many manual steps consumes resource time unnecessarily. NetSuite’s ecommerce solution makes business processes faster and easier, you free up time, money, and human resources that business leaders reallocate to other critical activities.

    Right Ecommerce Tools

    Growth and expansion of an e-commerce business generates more and more data disparately distributed.

    NetSuite offers the right e-commerce tools to create contextual and relevant reports with the accurate data. It helps an e-commerce company exceed customer expectations as well.

    More Control and Personalization

    Unnecessary questions, restrictions in changing the orders, lack of transparency across order status can make the customers unhappy.

    Automation of e-commerce operations with NetSuite helps businesses in delivering more control, personalization, and a self-serve model to meet customer expectation and avoid disappointment.

    An accomplishing feature— Support for both buyers (B2B) and consumers (B2C)

    SuiteCommerce or NetSuite’s B2B ecommerce solution empowers B2B sellers attract business buyers, optimize their purchasing efforts, and save them time. NetSuite Advanced Ecommerce Module helps create a comprehensive online shopping experience and deliver it across any site, any device, and any geographic location.

    Advanced Ecommerce NetSuite streamlines routine, repeat, and bulk ordering. It integrates the purchase side with vendors, distributors, and manufacturing entities.

    Shopping Experiences

    Your brand is your business and NetSuite helps reflect it with pixel-perfect design capabilities. It offers uniquely branded, relevant, and engaging shopping experiences.


    NetSuite for B2B helps the users view summaries of outstanding and available balances, deposits, credit memos, and the terms associated with accounts. They can analyze all invoices, easily make full or partial payments via invoice billing, credit limits, and ACH processing.

    Increased Products Visibility

    Powerful site search, combined with faceted navigation with NetSuite Process Ecommerce to ensure that shoppers find the products they need quickly and easily.


    Service and Support

    Extends self-service support to your buyers with case management, efficient returns, and tracking for field services.


    Customers can have complete access to shipping, billing, and payment information.

    Marketing, Branding, and Promotions

    NetSuite ecommerce Services boost engagement, loyalty, and sales; offer promotion options, product, order & shipping discounts to all customers or just a segmented list.

    Brand enthusiasts can share content across social networks and render product reviews.

    Speed Up Ecommerce Deployment

    NetSuite for E-commerce industry accelerates time to market and exceed customer expectations. You can avail this at standard NetSuite ecommerce pricing and get your site up and running in a month or less.

    Cart and Checkout

    NetSuite for E-Commerce industry allows business leaders to enable payment options including credit cards, promo codes, and gift cards. Also, shoppers can check out as ‘Guest’ (registered) users as well.

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