With the deployment of Field management system, thriving businesses can grab inventive capabilities to manage all the resources indulged in field service management and related activities. You can make the most of this inventively orchestrated solution to drive innovation and automation across field service management activities.

This Field Management Solution, engineered by inoday, comes with adaptive technology to help managers and trainers process job orders, automate scheduling and dispatch, keep track of service and repair tasks, manage customer service contracts, collect payment, and do a lot more.

By leveraging the core capabilities of Field Force Management Solution, thriving business firms can:

Increase efficiency

With Field Management System, you can efficiently manage the work order creation. This extensive solution enables you to track and close with a single click of a button from any location at any time. With such capabilities, you can schedule maintenance activities and automate the workflow through calendars and schedulers.

Modernize Operations

This Field Management Solution helps business organizations to update your maintenance operations and render more flexibility to it. You can avail of mobile applications for easy tracking, make the most of secure web interface for Admin functionalities, and get customizable dashboards and reports for effective analysis. It helps you make more informed business decisions as well.


Work Order Creation

Businesses can grab easy to configure and use templates based workflow creation process. These templates run on both mobile and web efficiently. You can drive better results by deploying Field Management System that assists in streamlining work order creation and tracking process.

  • Completely Customizable Template-based UI
  • Extensive agile workflow creation
  • Easily Configurable data

Dashboards & Reports

With the deployment of Field Management System, business leaders can analyze and monitor the maintenance operations via highly customizable Dashboards and Reports. It enables business leaders to drive greater operational efficiency and optimize costs as well.

  • Fully customizable Dashboards and Reports
  • Interactive dashboards with Graphs
  • Data-driven, rich analysis and insights

Preventative Maintenance

It comes with easy to use schedule job creation process for preventative maintenance. You can come across Calendar based UI for easy monitoring and tracking of the work orders. This way you can modernize your operations and efficiently manage it by leveraging a robust Field Management System.

  • Automated Schedules- Daily/Weekly/Monthly
  • Calendar based schedule tracking
  • Automated SMS, Email & Push Notifications

An inventively engineered Field Management Solution can help growing businesses manage their work smartly and drive higher efficiency via insights.

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