ORACLE NetSuite Licensing

While exploring Oracle NetSuite, you will find that it offers modular approach that enables businesses to start with merely those modules that are essential for their business and that too, at a standard NetSuite Implementation Cost.  For e.g., SMEs can avail of modules that fits within NetSuite Small Business Pricing but holds the inventive capabilities to revive key business operations.  Pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports and value-driven dashboards are some of the strategic needs of a growing business and key attractions under Oracle NetSuite Licensing and Pricing.

    Limited Edition

    NetSuite Limited Edition under Oracle NetSuite Pricing is a basic level of NetSuite Edition and best suits businesses with 50-employees and looking for at most 10-user licenses.

    Mid-Market Edition

    Mid-Market edition is the best fit NetSuite edition at a standard for the companies with more than 50-employees and 10+ user licenses requirement at a premium NetSuite ERP Pricing.


    With Oracle NetSuite, businesses can avail of multiple pricing strategies, and customer- and currency-specific pricing to charge their customers the correct amount.

    Enterprise Edition

    It is highest edition under NetSuite licensing. Businesses with more than 1000 employees and an indefinite number of users’ requirements can make the best of it at premium NetSuite License Cost.

    Why Choose Us

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    Being a certified and award-winning Oracle NetSuite Solution Partner in India, our services cover project management, process design, configuration, customization, integration, data migration, reporting, and change management.
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    As a Certified ORACLE NetSuite Channel Partner, We Offer NetSuite Licensing For

    How Much Does NetSuite Cost?

    For the most part, NetSuite Implementation Cost or NetSuite licensing depends on

    User License— No. of users in your business who need to use NetSuite
    Core Software— The base functionality to run your business in NetSuite
    Add-ons— Tools or Applications needed apart from the core functionality

    Next, you can increase or level up your NetSuite Subscription as and when your business grows. Most importantly, Oracle NetSuite Licensing lets you bid farewell to your worries for system migration. Once you have exceeded your existing licensing type, you can simply upgrade your Oracle NetSuite Pricing module.

    Why Choose inoday for ORACLE NetSuite Licensing?

    Acknowledged as an official and award-winning Oracle NetSuite Channel Partner, inoday is the right place to help you estimate NetSuite Implementation cost, NetSuite Licensing editions, and make lucrative business decisions.

    As certified NetSuite Consultants, we have delivered our expertise for 17+ years across business gap analysis, implementation, configuration, customization, integration, and managed services. inoday, an astute NetSuite Solution Provider can help you get adaptive solutions at a standard NetSuite ERP Pricing to bridge the business gap incurred due to a legacy system.

    You can connect to our experts to understand Oracle NetSuite License Cost, choose the right edition, and make the most out of our NetSuite Support services to add value to your business.

    NetSuite Pricing Management Benefits

    Centralized Oracle NetSuite Pricing management ensures consistent and accurate pricing across all channels.
    It encourage customers to explore new arrivals through targeted promotional offers, increasing sales eventually.
    You can offer discounts and promotions to discard excess stock before it expiry and sell slow-moving items.

    What Your Business Gets?

    One-stop solution to automate business operations
    Flexible Pricing
    Real-time Visibility
    Greater Efficiency
    Role-based, Customizable Dashboards
    Business Intelligence Capabilities
    Access to KPIs Anytime, Anywhere
    Global business management
    Saved Business Hours and Cost

    NetSuite Modules We Work

    Accounting and Financials
    Supply Chain Management
    Inventory Management
    Warehouse Management
    Customer Relationship Management
    Project Management
    Revenue Recognition
    Human Resource Management
    E-commerce and Web store
    Professional Services Automation

    Our Clients

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does a NetSuite license cost?

    For NetSuite Starter or NetSuite Limited Edition, it is engineered for small businesses. Business companies that have only one legal entity and require not more than 10 full user licenses and/or have less than 50 employees can choose NetSuite Starter Edition.

    How does NetSuite licensing work?

    NetSuite ERP software is completely subscription-based.  When you license NetSuite, you can access to the software for a fixed period of time.

    Is NetSuite ERP free?

    In general, NetSuite comes with a annual subscription fee along with a one-time implementation fee. So far, any free version of NetSuite Edition is not available. However, you can connect with official, award-winning Oracle NetSuite Channel Partners to comprehend NetSuite License cost that widely depends on your business size, no. of users, and application add-ons.

    What is the limit of NetSuite license?

    The premium NetSuite Licensing Edition is ideal for businesses that need 30 or more users to access NetSuite. With this edition, it offers a limit of 1,000 users.

    What is the maximum transaction limit in NetSuite?

    The number of records, transactions, or rows of data which one can access at one time while working with transactions in NetSuite is limited to 10,000. This limit is applicable to all transaction types.