inoday Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd

With NetSuite OpenAir, inoday integrates your system for improved resource management, project management, timesheet management, expenses tracking, accounting & analytics, and advanced billing & invoicing. Our industry experienced consultants can build surpassing solution for your professional needs.

We implement such a simple approach to manage and track end-to-end business operations with NetSuite OpenAir Software – professional service automation. Enabling the speedy resource utilization, profitability, and timely project delivery while reaping the IT costs, we offer a bonzer quality ERP professional services automation solution encouraging your professional goals and supporting your future business model.

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Key Features : How NetSuite OpenAir Features Works


Seamless Connectivity

By using the set of tools provided by the OpenAir NetSuite, we seamlessly integrate your business applications and let your business data flow across different channels within your business context.


TimeSheet Management

Creating, updating, and reviewing timesheets in real-time is no more a typical job now. NetSuite OpenAir Implementation enables businesses to stay updated with exact project status anytime, anywhere. Track required and taken time for distinct project accomplishment.


Expense Management

Ease your expense management by improving the accuracy and timeliness for expenses takes place. Also, directly connecting it with project management and accounting to gain insights into expense reporting and analytics.


Project Management

Create, manage, and optimize the current project status, pricing, billing, staff allocation and more. Increase client engagement and manage projects, tasks in real-time and take the assistance of project library for advanced tracking and management.


Resource Management

Be ensure that right resources are allocated for the right task or project with real-time updates. Implement the right strategy for resource management based on employee’s skill-set, interest, exposure, and availability.


Reporting & Analytics

Perform tracking, key-reporting, and analyzing overall project performance with real-time data updates. Keep track of various reports and analytics with a single graphically enable dashboard while saving the time and efforts.


Invoicing & Billing

Perform easy, reliable, and faster invoicing and billing-process cycles to gain better business insights and calculate the project profitability in no time. This will help in making a quick decision for future projects.


Budgeting & Analyses

Track cost budget of the project from different perspectives and enable budget forecasting for the adaptability of upcoming projects. With the use of a single information dashboard, perform better analyses and make better decisions.

Benefits: How OpenAir Can Be Benefitted For Businesses


Strengthen Your Operations

By making use of advanced project management and resource management functionality, improve and ensure timely project delivery.


Enable Real-Time Visibility

Integrate NetSuite OpenAir to your existing ERP, CRM, or other business applications to enable visibility in real-time for various tasks and operations.


Trigger Your Sales Output

With deeper insights into sales, improvement in on-time project delivery, and future forecasts based reports, triggers your sales output multiple times.


Increase Customer Experience

Reduce your operational & maintenance costs and serve a cost-effective and reliable solution to your customers to gain improved customer experience.