Payroll stands for all compensation a business should pay to its employees or workforce for a set period and on a given date. It includes calculation of total wage earnings, withholding deductions, filing payroll taxes, and delivery of the payment.

inoday ESS and Payroll is readily integrated with ORACLE NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP for Seamless, Hassle-free, and Robust Workforce and Payroll Management within the Business Management Solution.

Considering modern-day hassles of managing employees and payroll, brings in inoday ESS and Payroll to simplify employee and payroll management. It is orchestrated using ORACLE NetSuite and Business Central integration and will help businesses manage the entire workforce via an automated, simplified, and highly scalable solution. Having separate dashboard and access for all users as per their KPI. Also it helps optimizing your business needs.

inoday ESS

  • An ESS or Employee self-service is an online tool to help a business organization provide its employees the access to important PayRoll and HR-related information.
  • It is orchestrated on the native functionalities of an advanced HR and PayRoll management system.
  • For the most part, employees can access work data, leaves, and other HR-related data directly through a company’s intranet or web portal.

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          Additionally, an employee self-service portal or ESS is often used to deliver corporate and HR-related information as well as allow employees to enroll in benefits and update personal information. Our Employee Self-service Portal is a technology enhancement that allows your workforce or employees to handle many payroll and HR-related tasks independently. However, some of the businesses use an HR employee portal for performing employee-specific transactions and communicating critical information, all in a central location.

          Moreover, this Employee self-service payroll software aims at driving more engagement at work and empowering the workforce, so they feel more connected at work and to the organization. Furthermore, HR self service portals make it easier for project managers, team leaders, and other administrators to focus on more strategic business initiatives by delegating routine tasks to their employees.

          inoday ESS and PayRoll Features and Capabilities

          Salary Structure

          The salary structure of this payroll management solution captures several salary structures in a single organization. For the most part, businesses structure salaries using fixed payments, bonuses tied to performance, hierarchical grades, skill-based incentives, performance-related increments, market-aligned pay, and comprehensive total reward packages that include monetary and non-monetary benefits.

          Attendance (Daily & Monthly)

          Attendance records, whether captured daily or monthly, serve as vital documentation of employee presence. Daily records track individual employee hours, providing a comprehensive view of daily activities and punctuality. Additionally, you can make the most of Monthly attendance summaries that compile these daily records, offering a broader perspective of an employee’s overall presence throughout the month. This way, both forms of records assist in monitoring productivity, managing leaves, and ensuring compliance with organizational policies.


          As business leaders, you must be aware of the fact that leave management is an integral part of workforce administration. It includes the process of requesting, approving, and tracking employee absences from work. For the most part, efficient leave management ensures smooth operations while addressing employee needs for time off. It typically includes various types of leave such as vacation, sick leave, maternity/paternity leave, and other forms of authorized absence. Moreover, a robust leave management system streamlines the application and approval process, maintains accurate records, and helps in ensuring compliance with company policies and regulations. It’s crucial for both employees and employers as it promotes transparency, fairness, and operational efficiency within an organization.


          We understand that loans are financial agreements where a lender provides a borrower with a specific amount of money, which the borrower agrees to repay with interest over a set period. There are various types of loans, such as personal loans, home loans (mortgages), car loans, student loans, and business loans. Each loan type has its terms, interest rates, and repayment schedules. Using inoday ESS and Payroll, both the lender and borrower can keep track of their transactions and maintain transparency without a hitch.


          PF/ESI & TAX

          Tax, PF (Provident Fund), ESI (Employee State Insurance), and related deductions are vital components of an employee’s compensation and benefits. Here’s a brief overview:

          Tax Deduction

          Employers deduct income tax from employees’ salaries based on their income slab as per government regulations. They issue Form 16 annually, summarizing the tax deducted and salary details, which employees use for filing income tax returns.

          Provident Fund (PF)

          Both employees and employers contribute a portion of the employee’s salary to a PF account. The employee’s contribution is deducted from the salary, and the employer matches that amount. PF contributions accumulate over time and provide a lump sum at retirement or upon leaving employment.

          Employee State Insurance (ESI)

          ESI is a health insurance scheme for employees. It applies to employees earning below a specified salary threshold. Employers deduct ESI contributions from the employee’s salary and contribute a corresponding amount. ESI provides medical benefits, including hospitalization, to employees and their families.

          Salary Slip

          Salary Slip (One Click)

          Enabling a one-click salary slip-sending feature on a website streamlines the distribution process. This function, typically designed for HR or authorized personnel, integrates with the payroll system. It allows the selection of specific employees or groups to generate and dispatch salary slips instantly. For the most part, this feature ensures accuracy by pulling the latest salary data and automatically formatting it into the desired document type (PDF, HTML, etc.). By leveraging email integration, the system securely sends personalized salary slips as attachments or links. It aims for efficiency, reducing manual effort while maintaining data security and privacy standards.

          Payroll Reports

          HRMS reports encompass a wide range of data-driven insights essential for effective workforce management. These reports cover attendance, payroll, performance, training, recruitment, employee satisfaction, compliance, turnover, and retention. They provide valuable information for decision-making, allowing HR professionals and management to assess trends, monitor progress, and strategize for improved organizational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

          On a Final Note,

          Using inoday ESS and PayRoll, thriving businesses can easily ensure robust employee management, track working hours, and distribute payments without inviting discrepancies. Additionally, one can connect to our certified and accredited Business Central Consultants and avail of customization according to their business’s specific workforce management requirements.

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