Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete set of modern, scalable, and adaptable business applications. Businesses can make the most of these applications to streamline key processes and drive lucrative outcomes. These applications work together on a single platform and help eliminate the business complexity of using disparate systems. For the most part, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the most preferred SaaS ERP by small and medium enterprises because of its scalability and efficiency.  

With this ERP solution, you can drive more efficiency, reduce cost, and create a connected business that links data, resources, and processes within the entire organization. Microsoft Dynamics allows you to quickly adapt, innovate, and take a competitive lead. By leveraging the core capabilities of this ERP software solution, particularly Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can improve the sales productivity and marketing effectiveness of your organization, better handle the complete customer support chain, and avail of social insights, business intelligence, and analytics to keep pace with the advancing business world. 

    Modules We Support

    Financial Management

    With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can drive finance and business operation agility. This ERP solution helps you adapt faster to avoid business disruptions and make smart decisions. You can improve performance with automated operations as well.

    Sales and Service Management

    Microsoft Dynamics lets you drive more revenue by connecting sales and marketing. You can come across increased visibility into customer needs. In case, you go for D365 Business Central implementation, it gives you the opportunity to lead customers down the pipeline faster, close more deals, and streamline processes without a hitch.

    Project Management

    With the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365, business administrators can plan projects by using a work schedule, estimate, and track project costs and revenue. These capabilities help you use project estimates during the sales process and forecast resource requirements for upcoming projects.

    Supply Chain Management

    You can adapt and thrive with a digital supply chain and optimize asset performance. It enables you to transform manufacturing operations via D365 Business Central implementation and exceed growing and evolving digital commerce needs.

    Operations Management

    Businesses can improve deal management experiences and personalize resource-based costing and pricing. You can use deal structures customized for project-based organizations, reduce the sales cycle, and manage your pipeline with a unified and integrated sales dashboard.

    Reporting and Analytics

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers business metrics that can be summarized in terms of comparison, goal, value, and status. You can display these metrics or KPIs that differentiate actual expenditures from budgeted amounts.

    Microsoft Dynamics: Key Areas of Services

    By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 under the aegis of a certified and official Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, you can avail of services along with the experience and expertise required to make the most of it.


    Dynamics 365 Implementation

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation assists you in managing project data, and project users, creating reviews or feedback, and update project profiles. You can implement solutions with Dynamics 365 successfully based on the Success by Design framework.

    Dynamics 365 Integration with other software

    With Business Central Integration or B2C Integration, you can drive more efficiency to your existing solutions and enhance the end results. Dynamics 365 Integration enables you to automatically update your key results and initiatives with metrics from any of the Dynamics 365 applications.

    Dynamics 365 Consulting

    D365 Business Central Consulting Services helps solve business challenges you have with Dynamics 365 software. It renders strategy planning, solution design, architecture planning, and modernization to overcome key business challenges and achieve your business objectives.

    Exclusive Dynamics 365 Customization

    Dynamics 365 Customization helps develop or add new CRM features for your business and end-users. You can create light applications, workflow automation, and user dashboard design. In addition, some of the latest capabilities include Power Suite, Common Data Service (CDS), and Common Data Model (CDM).

    Data Migration

    A data migration stands for extracting the data from the source system, transforming it into the format needed for Dynamics 365, and then loading it into Dynamics 365, and validating the data. However, you must cleanse the data before planning to migrate it to avoid disruptions.

    Support and Maintenance

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support and Maintenance assists in solving mission-critical issues and access required assistance with your Dynamics 365 application. Dynamics 365 Support to solve problems, receive advice about enhancing your solution or request additional training.

    Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Your Business?

    Effective Business Operations

    With the deployment of D365 Business Central implementation, you can streamline and automate key business operations across multiple verticals.

    Financial Management

    Organize, direct, and get better control of financial understandings with Business Central Financial management. You can utilize funds, ensure robust accounting, and ascertain risk assessment.

    Project Management

    By leveraging the core capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can better initiate, plan, execute, monitor project status, ensure project closure, and ascertain on-time project delivery.

    User Interface

    Dynamics 365 helps business administrators with an interactive user interface with personalized dashboards to oversee all the operations in real time and make well-informed business decisions.

    Data Management

    With Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, the users can share data in real time, you can get assigned the right people only, and simplify data management process.

    Customer Service

    By leveraging the customer service functionality of Dynamics 365, business owners can better understand the customers, their needs, and problems, and deliver improved customer interaction, and personalized operation.


    Dynamics 365 software solution is flexible for customization and deployment. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can easily be customized as per the business requirements, and deploy servers on-premises, on a cloud, or a mix of both.


    With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can eliminate manual and recurring operations from the system. Automation provides accurate insights or data for lucrative work and increased efficiency.

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