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Business Central Licensing

The introduction of Business Central Licensing lies in the fact that small and mid-sized businesses are more cautious than large enterprises before investing. In particular, it enables businesses choose between cloud investment or bear the price of Business Central on premise, whichever best fits the company. Microsoft offers several types of paid licenses, where organizations can pick the most suitable one as per their convenience.

These are:

  • Full User
  • Essentials
  • Premium
  • Team Members

Let’s Take a Close Look at Each Dynamics 365 Business Central License

Full User License

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ‘Full User’ license is the best fit for those employees, whose work demands access to the functionality-rich business applications with sales, customer service, financials, or supply chain management. Following Business central Licensing 2021 in India, you can learn that Full users are licensed with a Business Central subscription, which can be either on the Essentials or Premium licensing version of Business Central.


Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials license has no limitation on the number of users an enterprise can have. However, the facility of combining Premium and Essentials in the same deployment is not available.

Business Central Essentials License includes:

  • Invoice
  • Purchasing
  • Opportunity Management
  • Budget
  • Finance
  • Fixed Assets
  • Purchasing Order
  • Resource Management
  • Workflow
  • Contact Management
  • Simple Inventory
  • Advanced Sales
  • Advanced Inventory
  • Distribution Management


Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium license is enriched with more functionality. Thus, it helps manage all the operations efficiently at a single instance. Premium edition includes full manufacturing, financial functionality, service management, supply planning, field service, light CRM along with the Essential License Features under Dynamics 365 Business Central Pricing and Licensing.

Team Members

Dynamics 365 Business Central Team Member subscription is a named user subscription orchestrated for users, who require basic Dynamics 365 functionality.

SOAP-based APIs

Being a conventional API, SOAP-based APIs tend to concentrate on processes and messages rather than raw data. Its default format is XML. As it is among the most used APIs, you might find it necessary to use a SOAP API to connect with certain third-party business applications.

Business Central Team Members license includes:

  • Read And Approve
  • Run All Reports
  • Employee Self-Serve
  • Limited Write Access, like Tracking Time And Expenses

As a business administrator, you can pick the most suitable one as per your business operations, processes, and requirements following Business central Licensing guide 2021 in India. However, it is better to plan the implementation after going through a Dynamics 365 Business Central demo. It delivers more comprehended price of Business Central SaaS solution and select apposite tools and functionalities for a particular business.

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