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Microsoft has made its licensing with Dynamics 365 Business Central simple and easy. Dynamics 365 Business Central is sold and implemented through a global network of authenticated Dynamics 365 partners with rich industry expertise.

Small and mid-sized businesses in need of a robust ERP system can have Dynamics 365 Business Central Pricing plan tailored to meet their core business needs.

You can connect to an official and globally renowned Microsoft Partner, authorized as a Reseller of Business Central License in India, schedule a Business Central Demo, and evaluate capabilities with the pricing.

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    By leveraging NetSuite India Tax Automation via an official Oracle NetSuite Channel Partner can help you meet GST and TDS compliance and regulations efficiently.


    Calculate TDS on Vendor, analyze bills and reports, and upload vendor bills efficiently within this NetSuite Tax Solution for India.


    You can book separate challan for separate sections, and vendors and create e-invoicing with automatically generated challan—all within NetSuite India Tax Structure.


    Create TDS Reports for 26Q and 27Q in standard format for return filling and validation, and avail of SEZ reports in Excel/CSV format with NetSuite India Tax Bundle.

    Why Choose inoday Tax Bundle?

    inoday, #1 Oracle NetSuite Channel Partner offers everything in and around NetSuite Tax Management Capabilities to help businesses of all sizes get automated tax determination and compliance.
    As India’s Top Oracle NetSuite Solution provider, our NetSuite India Tax Structure is orchestrated for businesses across manufacturing, services, e-commerce, retail, healthcare, hospitality, warehouse, and many more.
    Being an award-winning and certified Oracle NetSuite Solution Partner in India, we have orchestrated India localization Bundle NetSuite to help businesses eliminate manual tax calculations and reduce costs.
    We are acknowledged for simplifying complex GST and TDS-related issues and offering extensive support to drive future scalability with a highly adaptable Tax Management solution.
    We put everything to assist our clients to gain real-time visibility into indirect tax positions, improving cash flow, and meeting tax compliance efficiently via audit capabilities and flexible reporting.

    Mitigate Common TDS Challenges with inoday NetSuite India Tax Bundle

    How Does inoday Tax Bundle help Bridge Taxation Gaps?

    inoday NetSuite Tax Engine is highly capable of automating tax reporting, offers seamless integration, and is GST compliant.
    inoday Tax Bundle comes with High flexibility across reporting, tax code configuration, and tax details capturing at both the customer and vendor site.
    Our implementation methodology for inoday NetSuite India Tax bundle follows a structured and well-designed path and ascertains defined outcomes at the end.
    Offering e-invoicing capabilities, we can help you maintain positive vendor relationships by automating the receipt of ordered items, processing invoices, and remitting payments on time.

    inoday Tax Bundle comes with

    Tax Code Configuration
    Automated Tax Reporting
    Vendor Prepayment
    TDS Challan Booking
    TDS Reports on Return Filling
    TDS on Customer Receipts
    Tax Credit in GST
    GST Return Filling, and more capabilities in and around India GST and TDS Management.

    Benefits of inoday NetSuite India Tax Bundle

    With the deployment of inoday Tax Bundle which is orchestrated on NetSuite Tax Management Capabilities, businesses, particularly with multiple subsidiaries or legal entities, can avail of support for multiple types of taxes. This Tax Management solution handles local taxes across subsidiaries, from GST, TDS to TCS.

    This one-stop solution helps integrate transaction tax determination and tax reporting within the suite. Business organizations can use it for sales, billing, revenue recognition, and payment processing.

    In context to Indian localization, you can grab NetSuite India Tax Automation with the inoday India Tax Bundle to refrain from guesswork and know the right rate to be applied to every transaction, every time. Your accounting or purchasing and sales teams can make the most of inoday NetSuite India Tax Bundle to process taxes following India-specific law confidently.

    Why Choose inoday to meet your GST and TDS Requirements?

    Acclaimed as the #1 Oracle NetSuite Channel Partner in India, inoday has come with India Tax Bundle to address GST and TDS requirements around Indian localization. This comprehensive and scalable inoday NetSuite Tax Engine is capable of automated tax reporting, offers seamless integration, and is GST compliant. With high flexibility across reporting, tax code configuration, and tax details capturing at both the customer and vendor site, this Indian Taxation Bundle for NetSuite solution renders TDS Support and helps growing businesses meet GST and TDS regulations without a hitch.

    Acknowledged as an official and award-winning Oracle NetSuite Channel Partner, inoday is the right place to help you eliminate the business risk incurred due to manual data entry or tax calculation. We help you harness the power of the India localization Bundle in NetSuite for automated tax determination and complaince.

    As certified NetSuite Consultants, we have delivered our expertise for 17+ years across business gap analysis, implementation, configuration, customization, integration, and managed services. inoday, an astute NetSuite Solution Provider can help you get inoday NetSuite India Tax Structure and ensure robust tax management.

    You can connect to our experts to understand NetSuite India Tax Bundle and make the most out of our expertise across tax management solutions to add value to your business.

    What Your Business Gets?

    One-stop solution to automated tax determination
    Audit Capabilities
    Real-time Visibility
    Flexible Reporting
    Support for Multiple Taxes
    Greater Efficiency
    Customizable Dashboards
    Business Intelligence Capabilities
    Global Tax Compliance Management
    Saved Business Hours and Cost

    NetSuite Modules We Work

    Accounting and Financials
    Supply Chain Management
    Inventory Management
    Warehouse Management
    Customer Relationship Management
    Project Management
    Revenue Recognition
    Human Resource Management
    Ecommerce and Web store
    Professional Services Automation

    Our Clients

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is TDS and how it works?

    TDS or Tax Deducted at Source can be explained by the income tax reduced from the money paid at the time of making specified payments by the person making such payments. These may include rent, commission, professional fees, salary, or interest. In general, a person receiving income is liable to pay income tax.

    What is the basic rule of TDS?

    The fundamental concept of TDS is that the person on whom responsibility has been cast is to deduct tax from payments of specific nature at an appropriation rate. The deducted sum should be deposited to the credit of the Central Government later.

    What are the tax features of NetSuite?

    NetSuite Tax Management Features cover support for in-country transactions management such as sales tax, VAT or GST. Businesses can leverage NetSuite Tax Management to navigate special tax situations and rules like intra-country, country-to-country transaction, 3PL, reverse charges, and more.

    What are tax groups in NetSuite?

    A Tax Group combines multiple Tax Codes. To create a Tax Group in NetSuite, you can go to Accounting, Tax Group in your NetSuite account and create the Tax Group in NetSuite.

    How do I create a tax invoice in NetSuite?

    Go to Transactions > Sales > Create Invoices. Select the customer for this invoice. If the customer is from a nexus where withholding tax is used, the system reloads the form to display the withholding tax objects.