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Businesses in the Apparel and Textile Industry can leverage the core capabilities of an ERP Software and propel their organization to the top of the class. For the most part, with software built for the cloud, businesses in the Apparel Industry can gain real-time visibility and extensive transparency. You can make data-driven business decisions by leveraging a real-time view of the business with role-based reports, dashboards, and KPIs.

With the deployment of an ERP solution for the Apparel Industry, you can eliminate manual processes and remove the requirement for multiple-point solutions with a unified and centralized data model. Additionally, it enables one instance of record for financials, inventory, orders, and customers.

    A cloud-native ERP solution for the Apparel Industry can help you prepare for the future, be ready to adapt, explore new geographies, open additional channels of sales or distribution, and expand your business into new horizons and a foundational platform to support your business goals.

    Financials and Accounting

    Businesses can increase workforce productivity, accelerate financial closure, and leverage robust reporting tools that render real-time, actionable insights into financial performance.


    Inventory Management

    You can eliminate inventory silos between channels and achieve the perfect product variety. An ERP for Apparel Industry helps avoid stock-outs, free up cash flow, and offer on promises with a unified and integrated instance of inventory data across all channels.

    Order Management

    Businesses in the apparel industry can accelerate the order-to-cash process, reduce inventory holding costs, and allow omnichannel operations by integrating sales, finance, and order fulfillment to pricing, sales order management, and returns management.

    Supply Chain Management

    You can increase efficiencies, streamline operations, and deliver a better understanding of bottom-line costs. For the most part, you can maintain the right inventory mix across the business using the core capabilities of ERP software solution for the Apparel Industry.

    Supply Chain Management


    An Apparel ERP solution or ERP for garment manufacturing helps track campaign performance and manage sales incentive compensation. Additionally, you can deploy this ERP solution to gain a real-time view of customer interactions across all channels.

    Point of Sale

    Businesses like Apparel Manufacturers or Clothing Manufacturers can empower their sales associates with a complete, 360-degree omnichannel view of inventory and customer information. For the most part, you can engage customers more effectively, steer more sales, fulfill orders, and deliver an outstanding shopping experience to the entire clientele via a single instance.

    Ecommerce-B2B and B2C

    Companies in the Apparel Manufacturing Industry can scale operations and support their global wholesale, retail, and multi-brand business from a single commerce platform. Whether you sell direct-to-consumer, to retailers, or both, an ERP’s omnichannel software solutions simplify all your wholesale and retail operations with an integrated unified platform.

    Moreover, a cloud-native ERP’S depth of experience in the apparel, textile, garments, clothing, footwear, and accessories industry transforms the way the industry businesses work. You can make the most of a power-packed ERP software solution to build, sell, deliver, and support your core industry solutions. For the most part, an ERP offers you the right products to meet the dynamic requirements of today’s apparel industry or a thriving company.

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