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Bring Mobile Innovation with Microsoft PowerApps To Improve Efficiency

Microsoft PowerApps is a solution to make mobile apps that helps businesses to connect, create and share enterprise applications. These Apps work with any platform – Windows, Android, IOS or Web apps through templates. Furthermore, PowerApps easily get connected with your existing data present in Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox and Dynamics CRM, and many more. On-premise systems such as SharePoint, SAP and Oracle databases can also get connected with Microsoft Power Apps.

Use PowerApps:-

  • If you are performing inventory audits using Excel.
  • If your people doing inspections or surveys on paper.
  • If you are using Microsoft Office 365.

As an Azure App Service, PowerApps enables you to leverage existing resources and infrastructural capabilities by connecting data across the web and the mobile. PowerApps help in streamlining internal business processes by capturing and sharing information between internal mobile users and information resources which can be Excel sheets, SharePoint, OneDrive and Sequel databases, or external resources such as DropBox, SalesForce or Twitter, etc. With data security and privacy controls, PowerApps helps you to easily manage data access and conform to your organizational policies.

Why to Choose Microsoft PowerApps?

  • Bring Mobility:- Connect easily to the data and publish the apps on Android, iOS, or Windows to bring operational efficiency.
  • Scalable & Fast to Develop:- Azure PowerApps can be built quickly with the language of your choice .NET, Java, PHP, etc. or with different API sources.
  • Safe & Secure:- Microsoft PowerApps is secure with a view and edit permissions to offer manageability. Azure Active Directory helps to monitor and manage the API access.
  • Easy to Link, Create & Share:- Can easily be linked to data present on cloud and on-premises and offer secure, easy data sharing with the team across various devices. Dashboards contain app data to offer insights to show key performance indicators (KPI) and other important data in easy-to-read interactive charts and graphs.

What we can do for you?

As an early adopter of Microsoft PowerApps, we build highly interactive business apps to streamline your existing data while bringing agility and operational efficiency. We are Microsoft Partner backed by a team of certified Microsoft Consultants who can help your business hop through this platform. We easily identify the gaps and recommend the best solution for your business. We develop enterprise apps tailored as per your unique business needs to drive efficiency. Our highly-interactive & quickly to deploy apps enable you to stay on the top of your data.

  • Create a mobile strategy and build a PowerApp to suit your needs.
  • Integrate the PowerApp with various data connectors like SharePoint, OneDrive, Dynamics CRM, external web services through rest API, etc.
  • Send mobile notifications to PowerApp users with dynamic content as per the business needs.
  • Connect the PowerApp with your mobile hardware components like camera, GPS system, etc.
  • Generate and export PDFs from the data in the PowerApp.
  • Send emails with attachment directly from the PowerApp.
  • Create tablet specific PowerApps that connects your data stored in Common Data Service and other data storage systems.
  • Create Model-driven apps applying client-side logic using JavaScript as well as server-side logic using plugins and workflows etc.
  • We can provide image capturing on runtime functionality with which users can take photos by using the camera on the device and can update these images from wherever the app is running.