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Advancing with the New Normal and Preparing for an Unpredictable Future with NetSuite ERP

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The future of business in a post-COVID-19 world and contending with the new normal is bothering business leaders the most. Although everyone accepts that there is no back to normal, advancing with an altered scenario demands focus, plan, and effective execution. Here, Oracle NetSuite assisting many businesses in moderating the complexities and getting future-ready to gain a competitive lead.


NetSuite ERP solutions are offering different takes on the uncertainty that businesses are confronting. It renders cloud-native solutions across disparate industries, roles, and services to guide a thriving organization through new regulations, trends, and technologies.


  • Navigation of Tax Law changes and policy
  • Environmental, Social, and Organizational Governance
  • New Accounting Standards and Updates
  • Remote Close and Online Collaboration
  • Financial Modeling and Forecasts
  • Data Analytics and AI Support

Taking the Steps Necessary to Sustain

Many business organizations have found it hard and troublesome to deliver definitive information on anything, including things set in stone. In such a case, automation could be the key to establish cohesive communication within the organization so that all the strings remain attached. In many cases, fulfilling this initial requirement can help a company better manage its daily operations and execute its vision without impediments.

Next, the most important part is to keep the workforce motivated, connected to the organization, and engaged. It can be applying for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan and getting deferrals on mortgage payments. NetSuite has now allowed businesses to spend 40% of their PPP-2 loan on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for employees & improve their facilities to comply with federal COVID-19 guidelines. Also, one can manage expenditures for ‘Essentials’ to current operations and spend on cloud computing services to aggrandize key operations.

Re-opening Workplaces with NetSuite ERP Solutions

As many companies are trying to determine the right time to re-open their offices, NetSuite offers a centralized platform to help its customers protect employees at physical locations. Business leaders can securely create and track productive workforces and allow them to have scheduled working hours in different shifts as well.  

Also, some employees are reluctant to move and have made it clear about their discomfort in coming back to an office environment anytime soon. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of the business to support a remote work environment. With NetSuite ERP solutions, one can manage this with the least hassle.

Be Future-ready

NetSuite aims at putting the regulatory changes, emerging trends, and key technologies contributing to this evolution so that growing organizations can embrace the evolving business scenario and ensure they are supporting their teams’ transition into a more strategic role.

Moreover, 2021 is the high time organizations are putting all those systems aside that can’t go with the organization’s growth and expansion. Hence, they will continue to adapt to new and advanced technologies that can primarily help FP&A teams conduct their budgeting and planning more accurately

Furthermore, one can add project managers as an approver type in SuiteApprovals to review, approve and reject project-based transactions including expense reports, purchase orders, and vendor bills. This way project managers can have better control over budgets and add flexibility to the approval process as well.

With NetSuite, a cloud ERP with GST, you can entirely focus on robust business management amid the precarious COVID-19 scenario, find spots to improve, and prepare for all kinds of uncertainties in the future. Additionally, a certified NetSuite Partner in India can let you be future-ready with advanced solutions and unveil opportunities to take a competitive lead.

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