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Case Study – Circular dependency on NetSuite!

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inoday has vast experience in bringing in business productivity by adding a value to the clients application through the system integration services. Below are various cases in the NetSuite integration which we have accomplished and hones our developmental capabilities.

You too can leverage our technology expertise on NetSuite integration services and witness the business transformation through the ERP subscription.


Case : Circular Dependency NetSuite-integration


Problem Definition

This situation occurs when any outward request comes towards NetSuite system and then NetSuite triggers request to external systems (Third party application).



Solution by inoday NetSuite team:

To prohibit the dead lock or live lock, we have to customize the NetSuite on- premise or at the end of another business application which needs to be integrated, or both in some cases.

In generic scenario, we prefer on premise customization for NetSuite.

With our help, the clients were able to optimize their NetSuite subscription and use it with ease.