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Channel approach for the success of an eCommerce business!

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E-Commerce industry is a highly competitive industry with the emergence of the global expansion of various product companies looking at territory expansion to gain larger volumes or expand to multiple geographies. To sustain in a competitive market, one needs to adopt & embrace with uniqueness or freshness and adapt to advanced technologies through a single platform; which is also referred as ‘Omni-channel’ approach.

Gone are the days when the user was not connected to the enterprise application or the data is not accessible by various applications or used to operate in silos, keeping your social media or CRM separate than your core transaction applications. Enterprises require a system to place B2B and B2C under one cluster. Customizations are required for each target group, not by creating separate channels but separate offers.

SuiteCommerce by NetSuite has the potential to become a platform of choice for the  eCommerce industry via you can adopt the ‘omni-channel’ approach for your business.

A new  e-commerce entrant may face two types of risks: –

Operational Risks: If you have built your business that is running smoothly. But there are a couple of operational risks that can slow down your business growth. That includes the following risks such as hosting risk, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) risk, shipping risk, price competition risk, supplier risk, and much more. SuiteCommerce allows one to control  all of this.

Assumptive Risks: If you are a start-up your business, then there are many assumptive risks such as conversion rates, operating costs, gross margins, estimated website traffic, average sales order size, etc.

These risks are commonly visible across  e-Commerce businesses and online ventures. But, how to mitigate them?

SuiteCommerce enterprise recommends the following best practice steps to facilitate the security of an e-Commerce business such as: –

  • Educate or train your team working on your e-Commerce project.
  • Provide real-time and great shopping experience to the customers.
  • Offer Multiple Payment options to the customers
  • Secure the business from unauthorized access
  •  Look for a solution which is easy to scale and adapt
  • Adopt cloud to make the availability and uptime

NetSuite SuiteCommerce allows you to address to all of this.

If you are an existing customer of NetSuite SuiteCommerce but not getting a 100% result or interested in NetSuite customizations, we can be consulted.