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Differentiate Your Brand & Exceed Customer Expectations With Suitecommerce

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In this highly competitive landscape, the expectations of customers are touching the sky. Today’s customers want highly personalized shopping experiences across multiple touch points. To stay competitive, businesses need to deliver seamless customer experiences across store, mobile, & web. True omni-channel shopping and service experiences across devices are the most effective ways to improve customer loyalty. To deliver “buy anywhere, get anywhere” experience, organizations want a unified, single source platform that provides real-time information about item, inventory, customer and order data. Oracle NetSuite SuiteCommerce is such a cloud-based business management suite that seamlessly connects every step of a multi-channel, multi-location business — from ecommerce, POS and order management to merchandising, marketing, inventory, financials and customer service.

With NetSuite SuiteCommerce, businesses can easily move from siloed online, in-store and phone shopping channels to an integrated commerce solution that delivers engaging brand experiences to shoppers. SuiteCommerce is an end-to-end solution that delivers a seamless, personalized journey across all touch points for your customers by unifying back-end operations to ecommerce, POS, and order management. As a single, cloud-based platform, SuiteCommerce supports sites for multiple brands, countries, currencies and languages, empowering businesses to unleash innovation and growth. As an ecommerce solution with unified ecommerce and back office systems, NetSuite SuiteCommerce helps businesses to grow and expand to new heights. Though SuiteCommerce provides your business everything it needs to succeed, yet there is flexibility to customize the solution as per your unique business needs. You can consult with SuiteCommerce Advanced Developer for that.

Core Capabilities of NetSuite SuiteCommerce

Ecommerce – Advanced ecommerce capabilities of SuiteCommerce enables businesses to drive more traffic to web stores, convert browsers into customers while increasing online revenue. As a multi-tenant SaaS, flexible, feature-rich ecommerce platform, Oracle NetSuite SuiteCommerce is easy to deploy, effortless to upgrade while flexible to extend. You can sell through multiple brands, languages and currencies atop the same ecommerce solution. SuiteCommerce supports both B2C ecommerce and B2B ecommerce on a single platform, to deliver engaging experiences while meeting unique requirements of business buyers. With pixel-perfect design capabilities, SuiteCommerce enables merchants to present upsells, cross-sells and related products based on browsing behavior or best sellers. SuiteCommerce also supports B2B sellers, providing them tools to streamline the buying process, including routine, repeat and bulk ordering capabilities.

Point of Sale – SuiteCommerce unifies physical and digital shopping experiences within a single, cloud-based commerce platform, enabling consumers to move freely between online and offline shopping channels. By delivering real-time visibility of inventory and customer information to sales associates, you can effectively drive more sales, and provide a satisfying shopping experience. SuiteCommerce enables you to perform traditional point of sale transactions (e.g. cash and carry, exchanges, returns, etc.) quickly and easily. SuiteCommerce enables customers to purchase products regardless of location in a single transaction, including cash-and-carry, ship-to-home or pickup in another store.

Email Marketing – With the help of actionable insights across cart, orders and product details, you can create automated, personalized shopper engagements across email, SMS and web throughout every lifecycle stage, from sign-up to check out and re-engagement. With the help of omni-channel marketing, you can increase revenue with targeted emails. SuiteCommerce supports data-driven marketing, enabling you to trigger automated campaigns. SuiteCommerce supports campaign management, enabling you to manage every aspect of your email and omnichannel marketing programs. With lifecycle management, you can convert cart abandoners and one-time buyers into repeat customers.

Order Management – The most crucial factor that differentiates your business from the rest is order fulfillment as creates loyal customers. NetSuite SuiteCommerce enables you to meet and exceed rising customer expectations through omnichannel fulfillment. By integrating ecommerce system with order management and financials, you enable buyers to buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere. With single source of information for inventory, pricing, order, payment and returns processes, SuiteCommerce enables you to deliver consistent answers and seamless experience to customers. With Omnichannel inventory visibility, distributed order orchestration, and order lifecycle dashboards and monitoring, SuiteCommerce enables you to deliver the perfect order every time. Built-in intelligence in NetSuite SuiteCommerce enables you to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across all channels, such as inventory turns, sell-through percentage, days of supply, stock-to-sales ratio and gross margin return on investment.

Product Content Management – By centralizing structured and unstructured product data, SuiteCommerce efficiently caters to all sales channels from a single source of truth. NetSuite SuiteCommerce eliminates siloed product information management (PIM) or product content management (PCM) systems to deliver uniform data across multiple touch points, ensuring awesome customer experiences. This will also bring agility and efficiency to your business operations.

Customer Relationship Management – NetSuite eliminates channel-specific silos and delivers CRM as an integral part of your commerce platform to offer unprecedented visibility into your customers’ browsing and shopping activities. Having comprehensive view of each customer from all channels and touch points, SuiteCommerce enables you to deliver engaging shopping experience while building customer loyalty. By centralizing every interaction with customer across online, in-store and on the phone, including their lifetime purchase histories, SuiteCommerce enables you to understand your customers’ lifetime value to maximize profitability. You can also drive personalized marketing campaigns, promotions and offers. By delivering 360-degree customer view to support reps, you can easily deliver consistent and insightful service experience across all channels.

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