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Do’s and Don’ts for Consultants to Earn More Clients

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In every profession, there are some set of rules that professionals have to follow to perform and leave a lasting impression. Similar to every business, consulting services in IT domain also need to serve clients by following certain rules of the road. Would you as a client consider hiring someone who can miss out on the very first appointment secured for the project discussion? The answer most probably would be a no, since no one has got enough time and patience for unnecessary hassle. Similar to this, following are some do’s and don’ts that consultants must pay attention before going for a new project appointment.


  • Live up to small promises: Stand firm on your promises with your prospects, or maybe with everyone. This can cover being on time, etc. that applies to meetings, phone calls, deliverables and so on; for everyone expects constant communication in present-day world.

  • Make yourself easy to reach: When you are not available to your prospectives easily, it reduces your ability to close deal with anyone. You should include emails and contact information over every web page to not miss out on any business opportunities.

  • Say “Thank You” more often: Don’t take anything for granted, whether you received a new project or just got a return phone call and remember to say thank you sincerely.


  • Jumping to conclusions beforehand: It can turn off your prospective at the very start of the meeting because the clients don’t feel heard and understood. You may have experience of years and you may love to solve problems of the clients, but never try to emerge a smart consultant by simply providing a solution even before letting your client complete his part. Clients want to be heard and contribute to the discussions in a meaningful way. If the answer doesn’t fit the need of the client, it can result in rejection of your solutions and there’s a huge chance that the client is not going to hear about your other solutions further.

  • Using similar approach with every client: There are two ways to approach clients. Some people know how to sell benefits and some know how to make clients aware about the scary consequences of something. If you are proficient in both ways, you know how to best handle various clients by matching with their passive, assertive or aggressive personalities.

  • Don’t share a bad mood: We’re bound to have moments of anger, blue or frustration, but always remember that your client isn’t prepared for that.

With every know how of what to follow and what not to, to emerge pleasing but not cheesy; you now have the right power to attract your potential clients. There are different consultants out there serving in different industries, among which most required consultants are the ERP consultants. Having served worldwide clients for a decade with NetSuite consulting services, inoday has carved a dominant position. Our NetSuite consultants possess intricate skills and knowledge of every industry to serve you in best possible manner. After a careful understanding of your requirements, we do in-depth R&D to offer best results via our NetSuite consulting at best prices.