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NetSuite Assembly Bill of Materials

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Bill of Material (BOM) is a list of parts, items, assemblies, components and other materials are required to build a product and includes instructions for how to assembled product from the various parts ordered.

For example, a computer is exploded into hard drives, RAM, Processors, chips etc.. Which are included into the requirement of entire computer.

The Manufacturing bill of materials(BOM) be made up of all the assemblies and parts required to construct a finished product.

Advanced Bill Of Materials (BOM):

  • Allowing multiple BOM’s for a single assembly item and for a single BOM is used with multiple assembly items.
  • After enable the advance BOM feature in netsuite, existing Bill Of Materials is automatically converted to read only BOM record.
  • The components subtab on the item record replace by the new Bill Of Materials Subtab.
  • It specify default BOM by location (previously, the same BOM was used to all locations)
  • Create multiple revisions of a BOM with different effective start and end dates
  • Ability to view full history of BOM revisions and effective start/end dates.
  • You have to define component yield level on the BOM revision record.

In latest versions of netsuite, it release a fresh features & existing functionalities. The Advanced BOM record is available as of NetSuite 17.2.