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NetSuite offers modular approach that enables organizations to start with merely those modules that are essential for their business, not those that are redundant and consume their resources. For small and rapidly growing companies, NetSuite offers SuiteSuccess Starter Edition that enables you to go-live quickly with pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports and value-driven dashboards for daily and strategic needs. If your business requirements are quite complex then, NetSuite mid-market edition can be a greater deal for your business. Enterprise edition can be smarter choice for businesses from mid-scale to large-scale that require implementation with more customization, advanced capabilities, and concurrent processing.

When it comes to ORACLE NetSuite Licensing Guide, businesses can choose among 3-levels of NetSuite licensing Edition based on their manpower strength, working complexities, and user requirements:

NetSuite Limited Edition: NetSuite Limited Edition is a basic level of NetSuite Edition best suited to companies with around 50-employees and require at most 10-user licenses. Initially, one can start with this limited edition and later can upgrade it with the higher edition.

NetSuite Mid-Market Edition: Mid-Market edition is the best fit NetSuite edition for the companies with a strength of more than 50-employees with 10+ user licenses requirement. Anytime they can upgrade their user-licenses and modules required depending on their evolving business needs and scaling capabilities.

NetSuite Enterprise Edition: The Enterprise edition is the highest edition of NetSuite license. This edition is built to handle complexities in the organizations with more than 1000 manpower capability and an indefinite number of users’ requirements. Usually, medium to a large scale of organizations buy this enterprise edition depending on their maximum number of users and customization or module requirement.

NetSuite licensing is a subject of annual pricing, rest costing depends on your ERP modules you choose, a number of user licenses you avail, and level of customization you adopt.

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