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NetSuite Release 2019.1: New Features Sneak Peak For General Businesses

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So far, NetSuite ERP has empowered various businesses worldwide by simplifying their working model and operational practices. As NetSuite upgrades itself with advanced features twice a year by considering the rising customer needs and rapidly changing global market scenario.

Here are growth unlocking feature highlights of NetSuite Release 2019.1 for General Businesses:

Taxation Is More Simplified

NetSuite release 2019.1 offers a simple taxation approach with SuiteTax. NetSuite users can now access the automatically updated latest tax rates for around 100 global countries. There is no need remains for the business owners or administrators to stay updated with the latest tax rates such as VAT, Sales Tax, GST, Excise Duty etc. for different country.

Automated New Country Tax Reports

With SuiteTax, NetSuite has built the functionality to automatically generate new country tax reports. Administrators can decide which transactions they need to include in their tax reports to ensure relevancy. Moreover, Malaysia based sales & service tax returns are more simplified now.

Project Management Is More Empowered

More precise and unambiguous approach is inserted in NetSuite release 2019.1 to manage projects and turn profitability. Create project resources and assign or re-assign the projects to them with a single click that improves efficiency, reduces redundancy and delays. Also, you can change your customer assigned to an existing project if no longer transactional association remains.

Simple And Intuitive UI To Encourage Sales

With a new refreshed look and feel of User Interface, NetSuite improved the user-experience that eventually affects your sales progress. NetSuite administrators can seamlessly utilize this new UI with sharp, clear and advanced visual design, more personalized dashboard, and access to chart-based workbook data right from your dashboard that certainly encourages your sales and productivity levels.

Accounting functionality Is Updated

Now, manage your adjustments in the adjustment-only book that is different from your primary book and display data from both the primary and adjustment-only book in your financial reports. This will rescue your data duplication and ensure data relevancy which in turn to affects your revenue and maximize your returns.

More Manageable Administration

NetSuite release 2019.1 will help administrators with more security and permission features and ‘two-factor authentication for outbound HTTPS connection’ is one of the crucial features. Additionally, reducing the need of standard administrator, NetSuite enabled the core administration functionality whereby you can assign core administration roles for instance, you can create and assign a role for an IT administrator with relevant access and limit the access to sensitive employee data.

In conclusion, we can see how above-mentioned features of NetSuite release 2019.1 can become helping hands for your General Business. Manage your end-to-end operational activities and ensure business evolution with NetSuite’s newly released features.

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