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How to make Mobile Apps Safe?

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As soon as a new mobile application launches in the market, we are quickly drawn towards it; which could be for a number of reasons such as its enhanced and attractive interface, quick operational response, etc. With thousands of new apps hitting market every week, we tend to not realize that thousands of hackers are also on their way to enter these apps to give us hazards regarding our personal information. Ever since smartphones and social media became the most used means of communication, our privacy was put to stake through such mobile applications. These apps steal our data including contact numbers, passwords, location that can potentially be highly risky for individuals as well as for businesses. From social media apps to payment apps; we are unsafe with every application, until we figure out the reasons behind this and ways to tackle those issues.

Our vulnerability to these apps is because the developers do not really follow built-in platform security parameters and make following mistakes, while developing mobile applications for their users.

  • Using code from third-party developers: As app development from scratch takes a lot of time and effort, hackers create codes hoping that some developer will use it in their apps; which easily gives them access to the user information when the app releases in market.

  • Avoiding security testing: Developers, in a haste to release their applications avoid proper testing against possible bugs. They should also avoid allowing users to see debug logs, for these are the vulnerabilities, hackers are on lookout for.

  • Using weak encryption or not using encryption at all: With constantly improving technology, encryption algorithms become easier to crack. Since many payment apps, etc. require users to enter sensitive data in form of credit or debit card numbers or other personal identity information; all this information can get hacked without a good encryption.

  • Insecure communications to server: As most of applications that handle sensitive user data connect back to the server, it’s important to ensure safe transition against any vulnerabilities based on insecure WiFi connection. This kind of security needs to be achieved by using proper SSL libraries to avoid compromising on user information.

However, there are a number of insecurities for using these applications, we practically can’t avoid using these apps; these are the source of building our social network and bridging the geographical gap across masses. Opt for inoday to get your mobile apps developed that are free from any malware and give cent-percent user security. Below are some tips that you can follow as precaution, while downloading an app on your phone.

  • Make sure that the app you are about to download is developed and distributed by a verified developer.

  • Review the permissions that app aks for and evaluate if it really needs to go through your texts, location or contacts.