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How to upgrade NAV 2009 Report to NAV 2013

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Reports of Nav 2009 don’t get auto upgraded on importing into Nav 2013. Here we are going to describe, how you can upgrade.

Process for upgrade:

Open Object designer in Nav 2013 and import Nav 2009 report object in Nav 2013 database.


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A window will open to ask for replacing of object.


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Click Replace All and OK button. Object will get imported.

Select imported report object 208 and press F11 for compiling it:




If other objects related to report were not imported, it will show an error and will not get compiled.




Compile after importing related objects.




In Nav 2013 Forms are not used. Above error shows that it contain content of form, which cannot be migrated. For compiling export it into .Txt format and remove content related to Form shown in error.




Below is the file after removing the content:




Save the file and import it into the database. Compile after importing. After successful compilation, go to Tools and click Upgrade Reports.




It will ask for confirmation. Click Yes




Report will get upgraded in Nav 2013. Create a new request page same as previous report and Compile report again in new version before using it.

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