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Manufacturing or Jobs: How to Make the Right Choice in Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Undoubtedly, making an ERP investment is a crucial decision and should be made with full-fledged information. To ease such complexity, let’s have a better understanding of Jobs and Manufacturing capabilities in Business Central. This would help you check— which one makes the most sense for your business, or if it makes more sense to grab a combination of both the applications.


Manufacturing Functionality

• Business Central for Manufacturing is orchestrated to help manufacture drive automation across production processes and delivery of the finished goods.

• This process relies on a Bill of materials (BOM) and routing that helps ensure streamlined operations and scalability at all levels.

• Assembly management capabilities and configurators allow manufacturers to easily create customized BOMs and purchase orders based on a customized request

Manufacturing Jobs
Production Orders Invoicing
Production Bill of Materials (BOMs) Capacity Management
Version Management Multiple Costs
Agile Manufacturing Estimates
Supply Planning Tasks
Demand Forecasting Resources
Capacity Planning Timesheets
Machine Centers  
Finite Loading  
Assembly Management  

Jobs Functionality

• Jobs in Business Central is another effective and efficient way for manufacturers to streamline manufacturing processes with the least hassle.

• Instead of using BOMs or routing, Jobs uses items for configuring the production and delivery processes. Here, resources are created for everything, whether it is a forklift in the warehouse or a subcontractor working on the project.

• It creates projects for each “product” and configures ‘Time Sheets’ for a specified number of periods or weeks. Project owners can access these timesheets and record time for individual tasks created in the Business Central.

Who can pick Manufacturing Capability? Who can pick Jobs Capability?
Manufacturing entities that create finished goods from start to finish can pick this functionality in Business Central, a SaaS solution by Microsoft. Manufacturers units who treat their products as individual projects can pick jobs over manufacturing.
A furniture manufacturer that sells a catalog of different types of furniture and customizations are limited. A construction company that allows for easier customization at every level. Here, subcontractors are treated as resources to simplify the configuration of items and resources for each unique job as and when required.
Who Can Pick Both?
Manufacturers that are both producing finished goods and implementing them in unique projects can have both the functionalities onboard.
Power stations company that manufactures the parts for each power station and generates the power stations in multiple locations.

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