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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Additional Storage Planning for Customer Engagement Instance

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While unveiling the new cloud storage model for Customer Engagement Apps, Microsoft has doubled the basic data storage including your subscription. Dynamics CRM Online, previously, came with basic 5 GB across all instances, including production instances and sandboxes. As 5 GB space could be used up quickly, Microsoft has helped clients to maximize their storage usage in many different ways. Microsoft has enhanced the default storage limit to 10GB across all instances within a tenant.

Furthermore, the organizations can purchase additional storage from the Office 365 portal at an additional cost per month.

Microsoft, further, offers additional storage capacity at no charge if an organization increases the number of full users and is accrued at the rate of 5GB for every 20 full users.

From 1 April 2019, new Dynamics 365 agreements will receive the following:

Common Data Service for Apps Database Capacity: 10 GB (Transactional database storage for entity definitions and record data).

Common Data Service for Apps File Capacity: 20 GB (Capacity to store attachments for notes or emails in D365 Customer Engagement apps and PowerApps. This can include Word documents, image files, PDF files, spread sheets, videos and other business files.)

Common Data Service for Apps Log Capacity: 2 GB (Separate storage capacity for audit logs will track record and attribute data changes. This includes field value record updates, previous values, security role updates, data / time of access).

Additional storage entitlements will accrue per as follows:

CDS for Apps Database Capacity: @ 250 MB per user

CDS for Apps File Capacity: @ 2 GB per user

CDS for Apps Log Capacity: NA