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NAVDPayRoll Streamlines Post-Payroll Process To Ensure Higher Efficiency

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Post-payroll activities involve reporting, declarations, and statements produced for the relevant corresponding bodies by each employer. NAVDPayRoll is an extensively orchestrated system for auto-generation of reports, save time, and helps add insights in real-time for greater efficiency.


NAVDPayRoll is an extensively engineered cloud-native solution that manages all Payroll functions, including pre-payroll, actual payroll, and post-payroll efficiently. This inventive Payroll management solution can be procured by both the old and new customers of Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central handle their HR & Payroll simultaneously.

NAVDPayRoll for Post-Payroll Process

Statutory Compliance

  • Statutory deductions including EPF, TDS, ESI at the time of processing payroll
  • Remitting the amount to the respective Government authorities
  • Most dues are cleared via Challan
  • Once dues are paid, ECR is generated and filed


This HR and Payroll management software solution enables an organization to keep a record of all its financial transactions and oversee from anywhere through any mobile device at any time. One of the most significant operating costs is Salary paid. It is essential to check if data across salary and reimbursement is updated accurately. Fortunate are those who save time doing this with NAVDPayRoll.


  • Payment of salary by cash, cheque, or bank transfer
  • After completing payroll, ascertain adequate funds in the company’s bank account
  • Send a salary bank advice statement to the concerned branch. This statement is issued with particulars including employee id, bank account number, and amount of wages, etc.

This payroll software has an Employee self-service portal that enables you to easily publish the payslips. Your employees can log in to their accounts and access them.


After completing payroll for a particular month, finance and higher management authorities in an organization may ask for reports. With NAVDPayRoll, payroll managers can easily extract the required information and share reports including department-wise employee cost, location-wise employee cost, and more.

Statutory Compliance in Indian Payroll

Statutory requirements that apply to Indian business domains include:

  • The provision for minimum wages
  • Payment of overtime wages to workers
  • Contribution to social security schemes such as PF and ESI
  • TDS deduction

While computing salary and running payroll, businesses are required to be statutory compliant and consider all these deductions and contributions. This helps ensure that the company is paying out its employees per the applicable employment norms set by the central and state legislation. It is one of the key factors in a company’s consistent growth, higher efficiency, and scalability. 

NAVDPayRoll is the one-stop solution that lets you take a rest from payroll on your own. Like most payroll system software, it is automatically updated when tax laws change and will alert employers when to file certain tax forms. Many companies outsource payroll administration by connecting to a certified Cloud Solution Provider, who can help ease the burden of PayRoll management.

Serving in cloud computing solutions for more than a decade and being an official Microsoft partner, we can help you effectively manage payroll, HR, and stay compliant. We have won many accolades for our exemplary services and assisted in maintaining business continuity across all our businesses even during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

As we know that Dynamics NAV is now closed off to new businesses; SMBs looking to deploy Microsoft’s Cloud ERP solution can go for Dynamics 365 Business Central. Those who are already running on NAV will automatically be upgraded to Dynamics 365 Business Central. However, we exclusively present NAVDPayRoll to cater to all PayRoll and Human Resource requirements and steer distinguishing accomplishment across employee management.  

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