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NetSuite’s Smart View Enables Sleek Transformation of Data into Financial Reports

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Advancing businesses are loaded with data. For the most part, the finance team spends substantial time connecting data threads manually and converting them into reports. NetSuite, the world’s most widely deployed cloud-based business management solution, is embedded with adaptive technology. It allows creating incredible insights and transforms into high-quality reporting as well. Now, your finance teams can more effectively take their analysis and create accurate reports without much hassle.


NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Smart View offer the tools to build and publish flexible, highly formatted, and refreshable financial and management reports. Finance managers can deploy drill-down and drill-back capabilities to analyze data in NetSuite ERP. Interestingly, one can do it within the familiar confines of Microsoft Office applications as well.

This Planning and Budgeting Smart View convert insights into reports that match management standards, resemble Excel, and can connect to NetSuite without a hitch.

Smart View Capabilities include:

Ad hoc Analysis

  • Agile access to a company’s data in a secure, permission-based environment
  • Quick access to important business data and metrics
  • Users can use Excel to investigate data extracted from NetSuite. For example, one can retrieve data from NetSuite Planning and Budgeting and analyze it in Excel spreadsheets.

Report Design

  • With Smart View’s financial and management reporting capabilities, organizations can display NetSuite data in highly formatted Excel, Word or PowerPoint views
  • With this flexibility in accessing data in Office applications, users can easily create reports combining different data types from NetSuite, or as required.

Single Click Refresh

  • You can generate comprehensive reporting packages, which you can refresh with just a single click.
  • Users with massive reports can update it even a few minutes before a board meeting without much hassle.

Prearranged Form Interaction

  • If you prefer pre-defined input or reporting forms to manually created ones, Smart View can be the best and most convenient choice.
  • Users can make the most of it to interact with and consume data via Office applications.

Pre-built Content Access

  • You can design and organize data forms that support user-friendly navigation and consumption of content.
  • It enables users to access prebuilt content, including double-clicking in Excel, Word, or PowerPoint. With this, one can open dynamically linked tables, charts, or grids for calculations, documents, or presentations.
  • You can customize these charts or grids and save them for future reference.

For the most part, NetSuite, a subscription billing software and a cloud ERP with GST, offers multiple tools to aggrandize financial and management reporting. This Smart View is a convenient tool to analyze reports, particularly for users with Office applications. It drops down manual intervention, enhances data integrity, and increases the accuracy of the reports.

There is a lot more to comprehend across NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Tool, certainly, the space is limited to dig deep into its elemental capabilities. A certified NetSuite Partner in India can let you explore it across all the major verticals, be future-ready with advanced solutions, and unveil opportunities to lead the competitive edge.

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